Pink Shack

The Pink Shack and it’s looming neighbor, The Thrift Store Lofts

I’ve always admired this pink little shack, the way it’s persevered on it’s tiny bit of land, clinging to the pavement while the block around it gradually changed into a neighborhood of factories. It challenges the industrial zone with it’s small but mighty domesticity. Someone lives here! Many of these tiny cottages that dot the area were built for the railroad workers, the rails are just one block to the west, on the east side of the river.


In my opinion, this little home has just as much historical significance as the huge building behind it.

Another regular day in the barrio

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I cannot make this stuff up folks. My girl, Xicanisma pointed me to this most random and ironic scene of what a regular day in Boyle Heights looks like. Think about it ? This is the google car that goes around mapping things with that camera on top of the car, incognito. Yet, it manages to catch something like this, police officers stopping to a person who may or may not be a cholo, you can make that up for yourself. Having him get into pat down position. The address on here is 2030 E. 1st Things like this make the barrio look bad and might scare off potential investors who wanna develop, but that’s just the way things are here in Boyle Heights.

Boyle Heights on Lockdown

lapd tape

If it’s one thing I’ve learned in life is that you don’t fuck with the Police. When interacting with standered issued street soldiers, you gotta be honest, to the point and most importantly not shoot at them. Ever. As of noon today, LAPD officers involved in a drug bust, possibly at a home on Michigan and Matthews NOT CONFIRMED, were shot at. I CAN’T CONFIRM that officers were hit, just shot at. However, considering that everything is on lock down from Wabash all along Mott all the way through Michigan. Then all along Michigan through Breed st. Then all along Breed up to Cesar Chavez continuing along Chavez to Fairmount, with traffic diverted all along First st. and Wabash. They got everything on lock down son. Now that you know what’s up, here’s some pics and my twitter feed as I made my way to First st. passing by and seeing all the craziness unfold.

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Made outside the USA

Mexico man hole cover

When I walk, I tend to look down at the ground. Not because I’m depressed or anything like that, mostly because sometimes it’s easy to over look things that you would normally wouldn’t see. Like multicultural man-hole covers.  I’ve found a few a these all over downtown, there are also a few out there that were made in India as well. What I like about these covers is that there is a rather simple explanation behind them, rather than some other implied meaning behind them, to be interpreted by individuals for their own accord.

Basically what’s going on here is that the city has two contracts with two steel manufacturing plants, one in Long Beach and one in Alhambra. These two plants have been making the cities covers for the past few decades and it turns out that they are the ones that outsource their work to either Mexico and India. Funny how things like that work. Still, it says a lot about our city, whether it’s implied or not. It says everything about me, guess that’s why I love it.

Chilaquiles at Homegirl Café

Earlier today, a friend noted that there was nothing sexier than a man who makes good waffles. I scoffed. Waffles are overrated. Find me a man who makes excellent chilaquiles and I’ll fall in love. Yes, chilaquiles are that awesome. They’re simple yet so tasty, the perfect example of what I grew up calling “poor people’s food.”

A couple of years ago I started a project on my blog to review chilaquiles at local Mexican restaurants. (Yes, I was copying El Chavo’s huevos rancheros series.) I did one review and then let the project go, but continued to eat my fair share of my favorite breakfast dish. The problem with reviewing food is that a photo is necessary, but I often forget to stop and take a picture.

On Friday morning, I was patient… at least for a minute.

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Rambling On My Mind: The 12th Annual Latino Book and Family Festival Day 2 – Mission Complete

Day 1 recap right here

Let the words of Helena María Viramontes serve as an introduction.

After months of exasperated apprehension, Day 2 of the 12th Annual Los Angeles Latino and Family Festival is here. Mission Accomplished. You see, Virginia, there is a Satan. Like Santa, I received thousands of letters asking me to give them a little something something. Day 1 was not enough, the masses clamored for more. I heard you, my peeps. Now, will you shut the… Of course, there were some scrooges who wrote/commented that my Day 1 report was not polite enough. Bah! Those scattered patrons of the mainstream like their artists untouchable. Here, like in The House of Usher, everybody gets touched. On with the show.
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The Two Gold Lines. Yeah this totally looks fair…

South Pasadena Gold Line Mission Station 03
In South Pasadena even the sidewalks are protected with barriers.
I won’t let this go until the side of town I live on is treated with the same concern that people in South Pasadena are treated with. I am willing to burn these videos onto CDs and give them to people who want them for free, if they would like to use these to explain to Metro what they want at the upcoming February 11 meeting on the safety issues for the Gold Line. Cheap reflectors, paint and tours aren’t enough!!! Cheap reflectors, paint and tours will not make us shut-up about this.
-Browne Molyneux

Comic books, beer and magic and realism in contemporary Chicano literature


I’ve never seen an Andy Warhol up close and person. Eh, I’ve never been a fan of anything “pop,” except for the kind fizzy kind. I saw it at the L.A. Art show. It’s aight, I would do a post, but I’m kinda tired right now, so bear with me until I get to it later. Probably after the show ends. If you wanna check it out, go to goldstar and get $10 tickets like I did. However, there are some other great events happening this weekend that are worth mentioning besides the Anarchist book fair. You won’t be disappointed. And in the spirit of Art month, go out and get your art on.

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New Park in Lincoln Heights

Albion Dairy River Park Conceptual Plan – Option A

010710_ALBION B_1
Albion Dairy River Park Conceptual Plan – Option B

Albion Park

Lincoln Heights is getting a new park and from the looks of it, a quite large one. The city purchased a large parcel of land adjacent to the Los Angeles River, formerly a distribution center for the Swiss Dairy Company and is now in the planning stages of the new park development.
I attended a community input meeting a few weeks ago where residents were invited to offer suggestions on park amenities and activities. Unfortunately, I missed most of the presentation but the conceptual plans look promising. I’m especially happy to see the inclusion of a stream through the park. Los Angeles has treated it’s natural waterways with a distinct lack of respect and any park sitting next to the river should pay homage to water that once flowed free.

Next meeting: Thursday, January 28, 2010 (6:30PM – 8:30PM) at the Downey Recreation Center 1172 N Spring St. Lincoln Heights

Please see Albion Park website for more info.

hike in the rain

After work today I stopped by the Army Surplus in Lincoln Heights and got me a pair of rain boots, a big umbrella and an orange poncho. I put on the boots and poncho then headed up into the hills of Lincoln Hts. Here are two shots. I used my iPhone so they aren’t the best quality, but you get the idea. It was fun walking in the rain able to step in puddles without worry. Only my knees got wet because they were the only part of me  exposed. I felt refreshed walking uphill in the oxygen rich air.

wet LAThe Rolling Hills Above Happy Valley