Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios


~ Pics from last year ~

It’s that time of the year again where everything that is evil is fun again. That also means that Universal Studios Hollywood is ready to scare the crap outta you with their horror nights. There’s nothing like some pig faced, seven foot goliath scaring the crap out of you with a chain saw buzzing over his head. Yes, Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year. I know this has nothing to do with the Eastside, but stay with me on this one.


Last year the scaremazes based on the Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm St and Texas Chain Saw Massacre movies gave everyone a good scare. We can all use a good scare or a good laugh from watching people get scare. For this year, the movies Saw, Halloween, My Bloody Valentine, Shaun of the Dead and Child’s Play. They’re also including some lives shows based on the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure. Not only that but you’ll be able to go on all the regular rides at night with special twist to them and walk around the Halloween’ed out back lot while riding the terror tram. This will all be ongoing every weekend starting this Friday until Halloween. Event dates are: October 2-3, 9-11, 15-18, 23-25, 28-31. It starts off at 7:00 p.m.; closing hours vary by night throughout the event. You can also get discounted tickets by going to goldstar. Man I love that site :-) If anything else, it’s a great date night because chances are your date will get freaked out and run into your arms. Strangers will also be running into your arms too. trust me on this.

Garfield Auditorium Still Gutted

Eastsiders should know that Garfield High School’s historic auditorium looks the same after an arson fire destroyed it almost 2 1/2 years ago. The LAT finds out that despite benefit concerts and donations, LAUSD and insurance companies are at odds over rebuilding it from the ground up, or reconstructing what remains of the historic building. They detail the debate:

L.A. Unified contends that the 1925 auditorium needs to be rebuilt from the ground to meet state building codes. But nine insurers insist that the walls are salvageable and could support a new building, district officials said. The difference in cost is considerable.


Demolition was to have been completed this fall, with construction beginning next year. Despite the uncertainty of recovering costs — estimated by the district at $46 million — designs for a new auditorium are almost complete and will be submitted soon for state approval, said facilities chief Guy Mehula. But in a further hitch, Garfield’s main administration building, which is attached to the auditorium, must be retrofitted to meet earthquake standards, and officials have not determined the level of demolition needed.

The only payouts so far have been for the cost of designs that would return the historic assembly hall to resemble its former self.  More words and pics at  [Insurance dispute takes center stage in auditorium drama]

Make up your mind people!

I find it funny whenever I see a converted Wienerschnitzel location because no matter what they do to it it will always look like a Wienerschnitzel.

This old Wienerschnitzel location in Long Beach has been a couple different businesses.  I guess the last one was  a Mexican resturant which did not last long  either I wonder why?


More after the jizump…

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Los Jack

Los Jack is now serving “crumbled chorizo sausage” for breakfast.

While wandering the Westside, near MacArthur Park, I noticed the latest community outreach from Jack in the Box; the Chorizo Sausage Breakfast Burrito.

No word if this corporate menu choice has invaded the Eastside, but you can imagine the competition brainstorming ways to make their way into the Latino market. Will McMenudo and the SixDollar Star Torta be far behind?

By the way, even if Chorizo Sausage Breakfast Burrito translates to Sausage Sausage Breakfast Burrito it doesn’t mean The Box is offering a double serving.


No. How can someone think of putting pancakes into a BURRITO!?!?!? Puras locuras. I could not belive my sleepy eyes when I went to Denny’s with the GF this morning. Her choice to go there. I wanted a torta after reading Chavo’s post. So you can believe my shock when I saw this on the menu. And the price !?!? Pfft tan locos. I was THIS CLOSE to actually giving it a try and not being close minded and judgmental about it. But after I saw the syrup trying to be salsa, I took a stand and said NO. Denny’s, I’ve enjoyed the 3 a.m. breakfast and pumpkin pie in the winter, but this atrocity against burritos has gone far enough. All I have to say is NO.

Sal, chile y limón


Just wanted to give a belated shout-out to all the fruteros who worked tirelessly this summer to provide the Eastside with much needed delicious and healthy snacks. Unsung heroes of la esquina, working daily, barely shaded by the cheap plastic umbrellas above you, tirelessly slicing fruit and swatting away pesky flies, thank you for being patient as you tried to get just the right amount of chile y limón on my order. May the upcoming season of champurrado y tamales be just as, uh, fruitful!

¡Sounds Like Burning: Play From Your Fucking Heart!

¡Sounds Like Burning is about psychos, angels and psychotic angels. Who else deserves mention?

Mister Bill Hicks introduces the series because he is… Bill Hicks. He condensed the first law of all the Arts: Play From Your Fucking Heart!

The performances to be aired here are rigodamnediculous. The biblical scholar Bon Scott once commanded: Let There Be Light. And There Was Light.

Bask in it.

Can one make the unknown known? Tune in and Trip out.

Bill Hicks “Burning Issues”

Ron Shock remembers:

Other than the drunken orgies… we (Bill Hicks and I and the rest of the Comedy Outlaws) were pretty wild, we did a tremendous amount of drugs and we drank a tremendous amount of whiskey, and usually we did the drugs and the whiskey together. But there was one show we did… Hicks is on stage doing his impression of Elvis where he uses toilet paper instead of handkerchiefs and he would wipe his forehead with toilet paper and throw the toilet paper into the crowd. Jimmy Pineapple who was just drunk as a skunk comes running from side stage and tackles Bill, for no reason, just to do it, right in the middle of a show, in front of 900 people and tackles him and as Bill is laying on the ground without missing a beat, keeps on with his act, he’s still Elvis…

Lucha Libre in East Los


It’s no secret that I am a HUGE Lucha Libre fan. The sport of the working class folk. The little people that are the salt of the earth and make the world go round. This ballet of high flying, explosive acrobatics is some of the best entertainment on the face of the earth. I’m not talking about that stuff you see on American tv, even though it has its moments. No. Lucha Libre is beyond those theatrics of male soap opera and is an entity all of it’s own. Blue Demon Sr/Jr, El Santo & Hijo del Santo, El Perro Aguallo, Tinieblas, El Rayo de Jalisco, Atlantis, Octagon, Mascara Sagrada, Conan, Super Porki and Mil Mascaras are just some of the legends I grew up on because my father was a luchador in his day. I don’t care what anyone says about Lucha Libre. If you don’t have anything great to say about it then shut your pie hole !!! That goes out to all the mensos that don’t know better when they preach that it’s fake. OF COURSE IT’S FAKE !!!!! I can walk you through a whole match and explain the dynamics of this eloquent dance, but that’s not the point of it all. It’s a show. Entertainment. Escape from a weeks worth of busting your ass at some dead end job, trying to put food, clothes and a roof over your families head. It’s an escape from the realities of life because you don’t know where your next meal may come from. This is where families come to bond and share precious moments as they yell out profanities in Spanish and flip wrestlers off with great gusto. I almost lost my voice yelling my head off at the ref for cheating and helping Los Rudos win and you know what ? It’s all part of the show. The experience. The life style of the lower class. Horse racing may be the sport of kings, but Lucha Libre, that’s the sport of the working class. A class I’m proud to be a part of. All of the pics were taken by the GF who was a trooper and took one for the team because we ended up going to the show spontaneously. She has a great eye right ?For those of you interested in going to the next revancha, here’s the info. See ya there. Arriva los technichos !!!!!

M.F.W. Presents Goodrich Hall Lucha Libre

Every Sunday or every other Sunday at 5-5:30 p.m.

1239 Goodruch Blvd in the city of commerce. Entrance on Olympic and Union Pacific

Free parking. Tixs $7 Adults Kids $3

For more info (323) 812-8749 / (323) 812-8003

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Jack in the Box Accepting Food Stamps


I saw this sign at my local Jack in the Box and instantly though WTF? How come they are taking EBT at a fast food joint? (EBT is the new electronic food stamps, for those not in the know.) Shouldn’t they be encouraging healthy eating instead? And this from someone that might have traded a food stamp or two for some Sierra Nevada Porter, back in the day. Apparently this is not some freak thing, this place just participates in the Restaurant Meals Program which actually seems like a good idea. It’s intended for the elderly and disabled that have a hard time cooking, and the homeless who might not have access to a kitchen. Most of the places on the list of participating restaurants seem to be fast food places but there’s a few that might be a mom and pop type of restaurant. There’s tacos, pupusas, burgers, hot dogs, Teriyaki, pollos, pizzas, and dragon locos, BBQ, and even soulfood. It’d be easy to complain about this use of public funds for fast food, but fuck that, poor folk have it hard enough as it is. Better yet, why not call out some of the “healthier” establishments for not participating in this program?

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