Another regular day in the barrio

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I cannot make this stuff up folks. My girl, Xicanisma pointed me to this most random and ironic scene of what a regular day in Boyle Heights looks like. Think about it ? This is the google car that goes around mapping things with that camera on top of the car, incognito. Yet, it manages to catch something like this, police officers stopping to a person who may or may not be a cholo, you can make that up for yourself. Having him get into pat down position. The address on here is 2030 E. 1st Things like this make the barrio look bad and might scare off potential investors who wanna develop, but that’s just the way things are here in Boyle Heights.

14 thoughts on “Another regular day in the barrio

  1. Fill out the report a problem form…its on the bottom left. They should change it if enough people complain about it. Here’s some links of info….
    And yea El Random Hero is right this just gives Boyle Heights a bad name and further reinforces a stereo type thats been put on East LA. Well I’ve already filled out the form now I’m just waiting to see how fast they change the image.


    removal of image/how toos and info

    corprate philosophy

  2. cholos are all assholes anyways. always trying to prove their machismo towards random people.

  3. Maybe he’s a paid stand in for that gang tour…

    He could also be part of Homeboy Industries, or Victory Outreach. He might also be an undercover cop, an FBI agent investigating LAPD for taking payoffs from gang members. Or, he might be on his way to the military recruitment office.

  4. Dude, it’s google maps. It’s created to be embedded. Go ahead and embed it. LOL> or, if you must, apple shift 4 that sucker and get in some screen shots. I’m not trying to wink my eyes to try and see a cholo. It’s like a where’s waldo.

  5. @steve hahah thanks for the reminder. I don’t use a mac and in the past we’ve had technical difficulties with embedding codes on the blog, but it’s all good now.

    @seviche Thanks for the info/suggestion, but I’d rather leave as it is. I would rather people see what really goes on a random day and how it really is in the barrio. Just in those few blocks where this is happening, there’s an apartment building that is housing all these bangers and on the next block over a house as well. Then just up the street on Chavez, a 15 year old was killed just last year for waiting for the bus.

    Not to mention that if you look up the LA Times homicide blog, you’ll see that within a one mile radious of where that scene is taking place, there have been 23 homicides since 2007. That’s one too many, considering how these bangers are just down the street from the Hollenbeck Police Station.
    People that live here have to put up with this shit all the time, there’s no sweeping it under the rug. If other people that acknowledge it for what it is and do something about it, it’s just gonna continue like it always has. You wanna change what you see in that screen shot ? Don’t complain to google. Fucking complain to the city and the people in position to change things for the better for everyone, not just the people visiting or coming to live here.

  6. Why take it down? Leave it up. There are cholos in East Los who can deny that? Even if you take the cholo off of google maps, you can still go down the street and see all the graffiti on the walls. I think that deters investors more than random cholos getting gaffled. that’s just part of being in East L.A.
    23 is just one too many? 22 would be ok?

  7. I’ve been having fun cruising around Highland Park via a recently updated Google Street View with photos taken last June. There’s my neighbor watering his yard, the homeless(?) white lady who hangs outside the panaderia asking for change so she can buy bird seed to feed the pigeons, the street view photos even captures the streetview driver committing a crime: (Not yielding to a very visible pedestrian in a very visible crosswalk on Figueroa & Avenue 51. Sadly, a man was killed here last year by a Hit & Run driver.)

    One favorite, is this typical school day sighting:

    And then there is this one that I’ve been trying to determine as to “Where They’re From…”

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