Cinco de Mayo: A Cultural Holiday



We were driving thru the Westside today, somewhere along the border of Silver Lake and Echo Park, when we thought we saw something stupid headed our way. Sure enough, and cuz I had my camera handy, we were able to take a picture of some innocent dolt dressing up as a Mexican captain of sorts on his way to some shitty place to drink his shitty Tecate beers. Oh yeah, it’s Drinko de Mayo! We of the Chicano variety are not so learnededed on this American holiday so we decided to seek out an experience. Might as well get to know the Ethnic people that live in your city and figure out why they do the things they do.

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Stolen Dictionary

No entiendo lo que dice al principio de este letrero, pero parece que nos van a regalar unos boletos para pasar el tiempo sometidos en un tipo de “jucio”, me imagino que es algun “juice” como dicen los Americanos. Que Padre! Prefiero nadar en tamarindo.

Igual, me conviene que solo me la paso de ratero en Español. Sabra porque…