Los Originales de East Los


The show to be at this weekend!

Saturday, January 30, 2010 at 8:00pm

The Blvd
2361 Whittier Blvd
Boyle Heights, CA
8:00pm, 18+

The Stains
Aztlan Underground
La Bestia
Cara de Mil Putazos
DJ/VJ: Jake from Crucifix

Premiering Jimmy Tumor’s new documentary trailer: East Side Punks

from LA Weekly.

12 thoughts on “Los Originales de East Los

  1. I remember about 15 years ago a place up the street called “No Que No” – I went to see Aztlan Underground, Tezacrifico, Brujeria, Quince Letra, Quetzal, Homegrown, The Unknowns, even the band with the Los Lobos kid in it. I think someone just took over the building and opened up a stage. Besides Azltan Underground and Quetzal, what happened to the other eastside bands?

  2. tezacrifico and los villains (the los lobos sons’ band) broke up years ago. las quince letras are still around, i think homegrown may still be together, and brujeria allegedly has a new album coming out this year….

  3. OHHHHHHHHHHHH Thats the show that was going on!
    I woulda been down had I known, I didnt even see flyers for it posted on any social networking websites.

    Either way SOUNDS like it was a good show.

  4. I remember No Que No. My friend Mike from the band C.O. was one of those who ran it. I believe it was helped with a grant from Lolapalooza, of all places. It was short-lived. I was able to see Montecito Heights legends Stapled Shut and Oakland’s Dystopia one night. At a couple of shows, strange aromas permeated the place aka thc. The spot was not appreciated. btw Stapled Shut will be at The Blvd. on February 25th. If you like it fast and hard…

    As for the show, Cara Mil Putazos, despite the terrible sound, got down with their “lucha, brutalidad y sangre.” La Bestia I missed. The Stains sounded like it was still 1982!! That is a compliment. Their guitarist was bad ass. Scott Ollin, Gino Subsistencia and even the CEO of Morbid Reality Records were into it. As for Aztlan Underground, god damn if they had Ruben Guevarra out in front, that was killer. This man has been doing music since the fuckin 50’s!! And he’s a poet! His stuff is more like a meditation. You know what was cool? Before AU went on, RG was in the back chillin reviewing his shit. After AU got down, he was in the back chillin again. The way it should be. No rock star bullshit allowed.

    With Peps on that deeeep bass and Alonzo’s crazy guitar effects, it worked well. Aztlan’s current place of psychedelic, crashing soundscapes is fuckin heavy. With Caxo on drums, how could it not be? Yaotl gave much respect to Guevarra and even to DJ Jake from Berkeley’s Crucifix. Yup, Crucifix of “Dehumanization” legend. Zines called that group “the U.S. Discharge” and I would write to em and say “Discharge was a British Iconoclast or Crucifix” just to piss em off and give cali some respect.

    It was a really good show. Did I mention Peps killed on that bass like he always does? P-3000, El Chavo and chimatli were all in effect. My friend runs The Blvd. and he’s doin it and doin it and doin it well. C’mon, he has Despise You, Lack of Interest, Bloody Phoenix all playing soon. Support this place!

  5. anniversary plans with my beautiful wife took priority over my attending, as they should, but i’ve heard the show was one of the best many had been to in a while. footage was shot that night for the flick, though, so i’m looking forward to sitting and watching the show after the fact….a longer “eastside punks” trailer was to make its debut that night, but i think time constraints prevented it from happening. thanks, chimatli for the support…..i’ll forward your “british iconoclast or crucifix” comment to jake, c.t. he’ll get a good laugh from it……

  6. I was thoroughly impressed by The Stains, thoroughly! I’d only heard of them and never actually heard their music.
    I first heard of them when I was a youngin…my friend and I were taking the all night bus home from a gig at Fender’s to her house near Whittier and Euclid and this dude on the bus comes up to us and is all “I used to be a punk” and if you knew how many old dudes would come up to us with that line on the bus…but anyways, we were like “whatever” and he’s all sincere and relentless “I was in this band called The Stains, don’t you know us?” and being the shitty little punk brats we were, we’re like “no” yawn…I should have paid attention.

  7. chimatli, that was probably jesse fixx you met on the bus. he passed away a little over a year ago……

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