Dia de los Muertos in Boyle Heights!!

There are way too many DOD happenings all over town. So I am keeping it local, and real in my neighborhood — Boyle Heights (Aliso & Mariachi Plaza Goldline stops only). You are welcome to come down, we’ve got it all –music, art, food for the living y los muertitos, crafts, lagrimas y sonrisas, celebrities, new and old friends, timeless charm mixed with new adventures—but be warned, I predict it’s gonna get congested, so please take public transportation. Be sure to support the local merchants, artists and community spaces!

Dia de los Muertos in Boyle Heights!!

October 28, 29 & 30Boyle Heights Farmers Market Harvest Festival at Plaza del Mariachi (1st & Boyle) 3-9pm. Free. All ages. A cocktail of crafts, vegetables, mariachi music, Tupperware, kids crafts, haunted house, pumpkin patch and pushcart vendors, in a beautiful historical setting. Don’t leave without taking in the view of downtown from the eastside. (Mariachi Plaza Metro station).

October 28, Opening Night of “Revival” Day of the Dead art exhibit curated by Patssi Valdez, 7-9pm. Why go to LACMA to see what Patssi Valdez is up to? This year’s exhibit is an eye candy of installation and visual art which includes many notables. SHG, 1300 East 1st Street (right across from the Aliso Metro station).

October 29, Noche de Ofrenda, 6-9pm. Get the lowdown on what Dia de los Muertos is all about. Reflect and commemorate your dearly departed with the spoken words of Letras de Maguey and the timely history of this ancient custom by Master Altar Maker, Ofelia Esparza. SHG 1300 East 1st Street (Aliso Metro station).

November 2, Celebrate at the NEW Casa 0101 Theatre, 2102 E. 1st Street starting at 3pm. Enjoy a Burlesque & Calavera Show, 4pm and special art exhibit featuring classic SHG Day of the Dead artwork from previous exhibitions, as well as altars, masks, and works by Corky Dominguez, Josefina Lopez, and other local artists. Bring the kids and the whole family for fun, flowers, refreshments, and pan de muerto. Free. Then it’s off, in a procession along 1st Street to Self Help Graphics’ Festival at 4:20pm! (Aliso Metro station).

November 2, Self Help Graphics & Art 38th Annual Dia de los Muertos Celebration. Starting at 5pm with a Walking Procession gathering, face painting & ceremony at Mariachi Plaza (1st St. & Boyle) Joining en-route 4pm at Casa 0101, 4:30pm at Corazon del Pueblo, 5:30pm Pecan Park with Amigos from Dolores Mission/Proyecto Pastoral. Metro Procession led by Tochtli 7 the Aztec Bunny, 4pm at Union Station 801 Vignes Street to Aliso Station in front of SHG! Musical Performances by Maya Jupiter, La Resistencia, Lysa Flores , Chicano Son, Hard N Da Paint, Hello My Name Is Red, Son Muxeres, Mariachi Tesoro Los Angeles, Pio Pico Middle School, Stage Band (Brooklyn Music Center), Thee Paramounts (Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory Band) with ELA legend Ruben Guevara as Emcee. Traditional Danza, Food and Craft Vendors, Face Painting, Live T-shirt Printing, Children’s Workshops. What can I say? It’s the Mother of all Day of the Dead celebrations. SHG, 1300 East 1st Street (right across from the Aliso Metro station).

November 2, Eastside Luv Wine & Cheese (whine & ‘jeeez’) Bar, Dia de los Dead Oingo Boingo Dead Man’s Pari Tribute, 5pm. Featuring musicians John Avila, Steve Bartek, Sluggo Phipps & Johnny Vatos with art by Robert Vargas. An annual collision of Halloween costume dress code, hedonism and wine cocktails on top of a Day of the Dead altar squeezed into a phone booth. 1835 E. 1st Street. (Mariachi Plaza Metro station).

November 2, Orale!: An Evening of Boyle Heights Stories, 7:30 – 9:30pm at the Breed Street Shul, 247 N. Breed St. (and Cesar Chavez). Residents young and old are invited to record their neighborhood stories  for the Breed Street Shul’s oral history archives. Pictures and memorabilia of your favorite Boyle Heights memories are welcome. Special preview of new play Dia de los Dybbuk, a musical retelling of the classic story about a Jewish Exorcism, only this time set in the multi-ethnic community of Boyle Heights in the early 1940s. Please RSVP. The Breed Street Shul Project, the Jewish Historical Society of So-Cal & Libros Schmibros are co-sponsors of this Dia de Los Muertos program. (Soto Metro station).

November 4, 5, & 6 Dia De Los Muertos Festival at Plaza Del Mariachi (1st and Boyle).  More than likely starting in the afternoon. Featuring a live performance by Eziquiel Pena. Para variar vamos a celebrar Dia de los Muertos! (Mariachi Plaza Metro station).


No Flag over MacArthur Park

A few weeks ago, FYF announced that NoAge were set to perform a free show at MacArthur Park. I being a fan of the band for some years now, coupled with being attracted by the quite possible interplay of people that might have never been to the park and the regulars was enough to bring me in. The flyer (below) announces that there would be a “Special Guest.” It turned out to be a very very very special guest that performed last night…

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MorriseyOke at ESL

Some say it was inevitable, others ask how many  “Okes” will there be, but most are letting out a resounding and collective“Yes (biting lip and clenching fist)!”  Eastside Luv presents MorrisseyOkeâ„¢.  For one night,  patrons of the Boyle Heights bar will be given the chance to try out their rush hour traffic and shower song renditions of Smiths and Morrissey classics in front of a live drinking audience. In the same tradition of MariachiOkeâ„¢,  there will be no bouncy balls or highlighted words for your lyrical comfort; ESL adheres to the “Sink or Swim” policy.  Although, I believe most of the attendees and participants are bilingual or trilingual: speaking English, maybe Spanish, but certainly fluent in Moz lyrics. So you won’t be entirely alone on the stage.  But when singing along with Morrissey, are you ever really?
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Poly Styrene RIP

Poly Styrene’s Talk of Toytown

*A few people recommended I share this post I wrote yesterday on the chimatli blog. It’s a tribute to one of my musical heroines, Poly Styrene. Sadly, she passed away Sunday in Sussex, England.*

Poly Styrene (Marianne Elliot Said), singer and songwriter for the 70s punk band X-Ray Spex passed away yesterday from breast cancer. I don’t often feel emotional about the deaths of celebrities and musicians but X-Ray Spex and Poly Styrene were such a looming musical presence in my teenage years that I can’t help but feeling the loss of this amazing musician.

I spent a good chunk of my early teenage years hunting down the music of X-Ray Spex. It’s not like nowadays where I find the most obscure songs, things I’ve been looking for for years, ready to download in a matter of minutes. In the 80s/90s being a music lover required much more patience.

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24 Hour Party People

Lynwood Ditch Party

“Tonight, Fox Undercover shows you what is clearly one of the most objectionable acts of the party crews, the ditch party…”

Thanks to LA Eastside reader DJ Mr Ed for recommending this link. We posted it on our Facebook page last week and were surprised when some of our readers said they recognized people in the video. Do you?

As exploitive as Fox News was of Latino youth and our subcultures in the 90s, it’s kinda nice, 20 years later, to have some documentation of the DIY Eastside and Southeast LA backyard party scene. Interestingly, they never infiltrated the punk backyard gig scene of the same era, maybe it’s cause punks are a little smarter. Yeah, I stick by that statement.

This video also confirmed my suspicion that the “rebel” look (only a few guys in the video below have the rebel look – there’s more in the above clip) was just one incarnation of an enduring style on the Eastside, a gradual morphing of 80s rockabilly into rebel into swing/rockabilly into psychobilly and finally, into present day greasers. The look never really died. In the 90s, the pompadour and James Dean chic was a style reference to artists like Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode. A quick aside, everyone talks about the prolific “Mexican Morrissey fans” but in the 90s, it was Depeche Mode who sold out the Rose Bowl. They were more famous here than anywhere else (“These guys are god over here!”) and even inspired a riot at a local album signing. A huge part of their fan base were Latino/Chicano kids. Naturally, young folks would emulate this look and these folks were called “rebels.”

How about you? Do you know someone who has rocked a pompadour and creepers for more than twenty years?

The Rebel Party Scene

“It’s a Saturday night house party in Huntington Park. Strobe lights color an evening of dancing, drinking and dope smoking. Here, boy comes to meet girl in a ritual as old as time…”

Dayglo World

X-Ray Spex-The Day the World Turned Dayglo

Stock up on those potassium iodide (KI) tablets and eat more seaweed because there just might be some radiation hitching a ride on the jet stream and headed towards the Eastside (and the rest of the West Coast) and iodide might be your only protection.

LA Weekly breaks down the various scenarios and the likelihood of radiation making it’s way here. Link.

Jet stream animation with projected movement and timeline, here.

Just remember, according to the Center for Disease Control’s pamphlet on the use of potassium iodide tablets:

Taking a higher dose of KI, or taking KI more often than recommended, does not offer more protection and can cause severe illness or death.

Okay? So don’t go crazy.

Cumbia Tribal and Botas Exoticas

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been interested in global street dance styles: dance moves and trends started by small groups of folks in their respective geographic areas. Over at my chimatli blog I’ve posted lots of DIY Youtube videos of various urban styles like Kurdish Halay/Govend hip-hop, Duranguense, Tecktonik, Kuduro and Jerkin, to name of few. In this tradition, I was pleased to come across these videos of a new music style and scene coming out of Texas called Tribal which mixes Banda/Cumbia with Techno. While the music is pretty straightforward, it basically sounds like a good mixture of the two music genres, it’s the fashion that goes with this scene that’s pretty remarkable – namely, the boots. These aren’t any old kind of botas, these are the kinda boots that would make an Aladin genie or a fanciful fairy proud. The tip of the boots are long, pointy and exaggerated, so much so that I wonder how they are able to walk in them as the point stretches out sometimes two feet in front of their shoe. “How do they climb stairs?” a friend wondered. Frequently the boots are decorated in a mega-Ed Hardy style, bedazzled and often shocking pink or leopard print.

photo courtesy of Chuntaritos
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Notice Served: Brutal Truth Live In Boyle Heights!

Brutal Truth “Wilt”

Despise You “Pig Mindset”
[audio:https://laeastside.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/32-pig-mindset.mp3|titles=pig mindset]

Lack of Interest “Nothing”

¡Sounds Like Burning: ¡Con Las Palmas Arriba!

i got to quito, ecuador and stayed with my friend lesly’s family. some of the nicest humans i have ever met. during the week, we explored the city together and they were extremely generous with their time. i watched a “beauty” pageant with the family.

their 8 year old son and i loudly rooted for méxico, high-fiving every time another country was eliminated. then we played ping pong. we attended an unforgettable baptism reception where i constantly asked the dj who he just played and wrote the names on a napkin. several women danced atop tables with a glass of rum in hand. it was even funnier than it reads.
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Are The Paisa Bars Disappearing?

My compa Don Ignacio SMC, inspired me to write this post because he had some videos on his Facebook page with old Rancheras/Corridos/Nortenas. While browsing through  the videos and listening to others on YouTube I noticed a common theme of old paisa bars, they seemed always pop up in the older videos. Artists such as Vicente Fernandez and Los Tigeres del Norte and countless others always had scenes in old paisa bars. Most of these are classic movie clips they starred in from back in the 1970s and 1980s.

No tengas miedo metete…..

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