Los Angeles Weather


Snow spotted in Pasadena..


..hail in Lincoln Heights..


..rainbows over East Los. Whatdaya mean we don’t have seasons?

Bonus! Bonus! Bonus!


And during the height of a torrential downfall, two lovers seemingly oblivious to the opening of the skies. Do you think they hurried for cover? Nope. Completely soaked, they relinquished themselves to the waters, strolling as if on a sunny spring day.

Your rain will not dampen our love!

5 thoughts on “Los Angeles Weather

  1. Thanks, El Chavo, first of all for making me think, the weather ain’t so bad here in Oakland (no hail). Then for reminding me how hot love can be, so that lovers don’t even feel the need to get in out of the rain. Beautiful.

  2. Beautiful! That guy looks like Gene Kelly, ready to start dancing to “Singing In The Rain”

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