Day of the Dead Workshops for the WHOLE familia start THIS Saturday in ELA!

I know that Random Hero has posted the cold hard facts about Self Help Graphics & Art’s Day of the Dead workshops starting this Saturday at 11am (right below this).  All his data you can get from FBing Self Help Graphics or going to their website.  VyalONE’s Saturday aerosol spray-paint class has made a sign announcing this  fact too (see Random’s blog).  Random always says he can write better, if he gets paid for it.  Me?  I have a passion for art and everything Self Help Graphics, so I will give you a more personal account as to why this is one of the greatest events taking place in the heart of East LA.  Above (and below when you click on “more”)) are some images of joyous Day of the Dead workshops past and the kind of artisan skills you and your little ones can gain by attending. Continue reading

Self Help Graphics Day of the Dead Community Art Workshops

Self Help Graphics & Art is pleased to offer the following arts workshops for the whole family in October 2010.
All workshops are FREE!

All children must be accompanied by adults.
No reservations necessary!
Email: if you would like to volunteer!
Dates: Saturdays, October 2, 9, 16, and 23
Time: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Art Workshops:
• Paper Flowers
• Papel Picado
• Calaca Paper Mache Masks
Participants must attend 2 Saturdays to complete their calacas.
• Calaca Paper Masks
• Paper Mache Calavera Figures
Participants must attend all 4 Saturdays to complete their calaveras.
• Miniature Shoebox Altars
This workshop is only held on 3 Saturdays: 10/2, 10/9, and 10/16
Participants must bring their own shoebox.


3802 Cesar Chavez Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90063

(323) 881-6444 /

Tianguis Cultural Kalli @ Centro Comunicación

October 3, 12-5pm Every month-

Come enjoy the browsing and the bargains. El tianguis market featuresartworks by many local artists, collectible records/CDs, books/zines,vegetarian food, Info. tables, and resale of gently used children andmothers clothing by Ticicalli Yahualli midwifes collective.

Danza Mexica- Cuauhtemoc

Live Radio Sombra 103.3 FM broadcasting………

Only @ Comunicación Comunitaria, the peoples media center,
3806 Cesar Chavez Blvd below Self Help Graphics.
More info click on the link!!!

September Sky

Photo taken minutes ago in Lincoln Heights. Threat of lightning present.

This evening’s lightning, thunder, rainbows and warm rain brought the neighbors out of their houses for an impromptu celebration of the change of weather.

I would put up with another day of brutal, mind-numbing heat if it was followed by the gorgeous, bruised looking skies we have right now.

Bonus photo!

September sky view from Angelino Heights. Photo by Jon

Rent Control Hearing

From the website Coaliton for Economic Survival:

LA’s Rent Control law is in danger of being undermined, resulting in tenants receiving major rent increases and potentially losing their homes. Turnout is greatly needed this Wednesday, SEPT 29 at 7:00 am, Room 350, City Hall at the City Council Housing, Community & Economic Development (HCED) Committee. We encourage you to get there at 7:00 am to ensure getting in the hearing room. Landlords will try to pack the room.

The HCED Committee hearing on the new rent control proposals could result in major rent hikes to tenants. Please attend this hearing to help SAVE RENT CONTROL!

For more information regarding this proposal, please follow this link: Coalition for Economic Survival Action Alert

Wednesday, SEPT 29 at 7:00 am
Room 350, City Hall at the City Council Housing, Community & Economic Development (HCED) Committee.

PDF link to proposal here.

On the non-movement of show attendees in Los Angeles

Coming from a decidedly punk background I feel first hand that live music is a physical experience. Usually the music is loud-enough to feel, whether the kick of a bass drum, or the pain in your ears from ringing feedback: there is nothing unsensual about it. I am accustomed to people dancing to music, whether it is “proper” dancing or the sort of dancing you see at punk shows. In the absence of live music I am a rather inanimate person. But when any music comes on this goes out the window.

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Yo’ mama ….

I grew up on “Yo’ mama …” jokes. In junior high and high school, being able to defend yourself verbally clowning other people on any subject with lighting quick wit meant you escaped some ridicule yourself. Being a little chubby myself, I had a good rapport because I needed to defend myself. I could always hold down my own and there’s only soo many fat jokes someone call tell before they get old.

“Yo’ mama so stupid she got hit by a parked car.”

“Yo’ mama raised you on ugly milk.”

For me, it was never with the intention of making fun of someones mom because we all love our mom’s. It was just the way immature young men communicated with each other in a testosterone driven environment. Anyone else have good “yo’ mama” jokes ? I wanna hear some good ones that I might have not heard before. What were some experiences y’all had growing up with these type of jokes and bagging ?

River Filters

Click on pic for larger version

Some people complain about the shopping carts that get thrown into the LA River, maybe for good reason. But check out this innovative use somebody came up with, using them carts as a sort of filter to help keep the waterway clean.

Ingenious! Now if we can only devise a way to string these along the banks, have some way to easily clean said filters, then the river will be clean in no time! Get on it.

Click ahead for a few more pics.

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Harbor Area Music & Art Gathering Sunday, September 26, 2010

The  Harbor Area and the cool breeze of the Pacific Ocean are calling you this Sunday!

Support my comadre Doña Licha for the: ” Harbor Area Music and Art Gathering” in good old Wilmington. She will be displaying  some of her art along with 20+ artists.

For $3 bucks enjoy art, music and good times!

When: Sunday, September 25, 2010

Time: 12:00 p.m. till 6:00 p.m.

Where: Smoking Coffin

1606 n. Wilmington Blvd

Wilmington, Ca 90744


A worker installs panels in the array, which will be about the size of a football field. (Christina House/For The Times / September 19, 2010). A photo from the LA Times article about the installation of 1400 large solar panels on the hills above Griffin Ave.

The project on property belonging to the Christian Science Convalescence Home has been temporarily halted as public outrage over the ugly scaring of the hills is discussed further.

The owners of the old folks home have all the permits and legal rights to complete the project but is the eyesore and desecration one of the remaining undeveloped hillsides going to be allowed? At what price does solar energy and energy savings to the owners have on not only the aesthetics of the community but also the future of the birds and animals that reside in those hills?

Solar energy is a viable and resourceful way to combat the oil industry and it’s dirty poisonous effects on Mother Nature but does this justify the destruction of nature and habitat that is becoming so rare in Los Angeles nowadays?

As a roofing and construction professional of many decades I would ask why we in the USA don’t mandate the use of roofing materials that use solar collector cells integrated into the membrane as is so popular now in Europe.

Imagine if almost every roofing surface in Los Angeles was covered with a solar energy efficient material that turned solar energy into a power source, on most days peoples electrical meters would run backwards and ugly solar collector panels and giant wind turbines wouldn’t be ruining the aesthetics of the landscape.

¡Sounds Like Burning: I’ll Put My Foot On The Living Road

when i first heard her music at imix books, i knew she was special. i was given a copy of her first cd by my friend elisa. it was a simple voice, and like some simple things, it meant a lot to me. once i got in the car, i gave it a whirl. most poets offend me with their pathetic arrogance, this poetry was neither pathetic nor arrogant. in the car, the music got me, how could it not? (here, sing along with the video)

mi hija, quédate conmigo un rato
por que andas arrastrando eso desdicha?
espérame un momento y te desato
pero, qué enredo te has puesto, muchachita!

qué amargos son los hechos que adivinas!
qué oscura es la ronda de tu recuerdo!
y en cuanto a tu corona de espinas…
te queda bien, pero la pagarás muy caro…

con tu mirada de fiera ofendida,
con tu vendaja donde herida no hay,
con tus gemidos de madre sufrida,
espantarás a tu última esperanza.

haz de tu puño algo cariñoso
y haz de tu adiós un “Hay mi amor!”
y de tu ceño una sonrisita
y de tu fuga un “Ya voy! Ya voy llegando!”

mi hija, qué pena me da de verte!
dejando olvidado a tu cuerpo
muy lista, pobre boba, a dedicarte
a la eterna disección de un pecadillo.

mujer, desnúdate y estáte quieta
a ti te busca la saeta
y es el hombre, al fin, como sangría
que a veces da salud, a veces mata…
y es el hombre, al fin, como sangría
que a veces da salud, a veces mata

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