Made outside the USA

Mexico man hole cover

When I walk, I tend to look down at the ground. Not because I’m depressed or anything like that, mostly because sometimes it’s easy to over look things that you would normally wouldn’t see. Like multicultural man-hole covers.  I’ve found a few a these all over downtown, there are also a few out there that were made in India as well. What I like about these covers is that there is a rather simple explanation behind them, rather than some other implied meaning behind them, to be interpreted by individuals for their own accord.

Basically what’s going on here is that the city has two contracts with two steel manufacturing plants, one in Long Beach and one in Alhambra. These two plants have been making the cities covers for the past few decades and it turns out that they are the ones that outsource their work to either Mexico and India. Funny how things like that work. Still, it says a lot about our city, whether it’s implied or not. It says everything about me, guess that’s why I love it.

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  1. There’s a couple of them actually. Most of them are on Broadway in Downtown, like this one that can be found on Broadway and 5th street in the middle of the cross walk that is on the side of Fallas Paredes. If you go to Los Angeles and 9th street, there is a side walk that has both the Mexico and India covers one after another. But, the majority of them are all over Broadway 🙂

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