New Park in Lincoln Heights

Albion Dairy River Park Conceptual Plan – Option A

010710_ALBION B_1
Albion Dairy River Park Conceptual Plan – Option B

Albion Park

Lincoln Heights is getting a new park and from the looks of it, a quite large one. The city purchased a large parcel of land adjacent to the Los Angeles River, formerly a distribution center for the Swiss Dairy Company and is now in the planning stages of the new park development.
I attended a community input meeting a few weeks ago where residents were invited to offer suggestions on park amenities and activities. Unfortunately, I missed most of the presentation but the conceptual plans look promising. I’m especially happy to see the inclusion of a stream through the park. Los Angeles has treated it’s natural waterways with a distinct lack of respect and any park sitting next to the river should pay homage to water that once flowed free.

Next meeting: Thursday, January 28, 2010 (6:30PM – 8:30PM) at the Downey Recreation Center 1172 N Spring St. Lincoln Heights

Please see Albion Park website for more info.

One thought on “New Park in Lincoln Heights

  1. This will be a very nice, and needed addition to the neighborhood. I kind of lean towards the football and soccer field as opposed to the skateboard and tennis courts, there’s always been a football field at the Downey Playground, but maybe times have changed and the little Chicano’s are now more into tennis,(hope the tennis courts aren’t a part of a vision of a gentrified Lincoln Hts where the landed gentry prefers tennis courts over football and soccer.
    Also I see that not only the dairy but the land that under what used to be New York Junk, and the old auto battery business, will be part of the new park, that was a poisoned landscape for many years so I hope the powers that be will remove any soil that’s contaminated, because it certainly has been a toxic site area for many years.

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