Piñata Technology Takes a Leap Forward


It’s about time. Piñatas finally achieve a structural advancement that is worthy of note for all Party People and Pachangeros alike. Maybe this has been around for some time but I didn’t get the memo, I found out about it by accident and by paying attention to all the significant things that happen in the world around me. Err, maybe it wasn’t an “accident”, let’s just call it approved-but-focused-violence. Above we see some weak kids crying about the fact they are going to have to bash and destroy their piñata friend, cuz that’s how they learn to grow up to be strong individuals that can take on the world. Rites of passage, they just need to be done.

Oh yeah, click ahead for the break-through (har har!) innovation that will turn parties upside down!

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It Can’t Happen Here !

Three people including a ten-year-old girl were shot in their Southern Arizona home by vigilante Minuteman racists. The little girl and her father died. If this happened to a black family in Alabama or a Jewish family anywhere in the USA what would be the consequences?
With the US economy in shambles and unemployment at record levels will the Mexican American population be the whipping boy for the countries ills? Will the FBI and Justice Dept now take a second look at these right wing militias and racist goons who seem to be turning more violent as their frustration with an African American President and a more multi-cultural society turns to rage and terrorism.

From the New York Times today:

New Border Fear: Militia Violence By JESSE McKINLEY and MALIA WOLLAN
“I had to take an oath, and part of the oath was that I couldn’t eat Mexican food,” he said. “That’s when red flags went up all over for me. That seemed like prejudice.”

Minutemen American Defense, a Washington State-based offshoot of the Minutemen movement, in which citizens roam the border looking for people crossing into the country illegally. Former members describe the group’s leader, Shawna Forde, 41, as having anti-immigrant sentiments that are extreme, at times frightening, even to people accustomed to hard-line views on border policing.”

LIVE TO RIDE, RIDE TO LIVE – Eastside Bike Ride 6/27/09

(you might want to bring along a bike better than this one!)

One of our readers sent this info along via our contact us page. See, even you can get something posted here!



On Saturday June 27th, the EASTSIDE BIKE CLUB will be celebrating our 1st
Year Anniversary with a community bike ride thru the streets of Northeast
Los Angeles.

The event starts at Lincoln Park in Lincoln Heights, just 5 minutes
Northeast of Downtown LA. Bike riders are invited to join our celebration
by arriving at Lincoln Park at 3pm to start to decorate bikes RED, WHITE
and BLUE (Weekend before the 4th of July), check air pressure on tires and
make minor adjustments to bikes.
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Eastside Resting Place

About 75 people are mourning Michael Jackson’s passing by watching over MJ’s temporary Eastside resting place from the parking lot of the Jack in the Box across the street from L.A.’s coroner’s office.  The Eastside fans (and their veladoras) are joined in their grief by 11 television trucks and an army of sheriffs.

Win tickets for the roller derby !!!!!

So who wants to go see the Derby Dolls this weekend ? for free ? Yeah that’s what I figured. Now that I have your attention, I am more than happy to give away tickets to the dolls bout this Saturday to LA Eastside readers because I’m a giving kind of guy. They hooked it up with 2 pairs of tickets for both the baby doll brawl and the main bout. You have to be 21 in order to get the tixs because it’s a 21 and only show. Another thing I would like to put out is that if you have gone to a bout, please don’t try to win the tickets. I would much rather have someone who has never experience the Derby Dolls go and have an amazing time like I did the first time I went. So I’m trsuting you guys and putting you on the honor system ok ? Ok puez. So here’s the million dollar question, what is the name of the derby doll I mention on my derby dolls post for being a bad ass jammer ? Send your responce through the contact page and be sure to include your EMAIL so we can hook you up with the information. A big heart felt gracias goes out to the LA Derby Dolls for hooking it up with tickets for their bout this Saturday.

D.R.E.A.M. Graduation at City Hall


I have been helping put this together the last few weeks and on behalf of Dream Team Los Angeles, I want to invite everyone reading this post to come to city hall on Tuesday and be witness to an amazing event.    From the press release.

Students Participate in West Coast DREAM Act Rally Day

Urge President Obama and Congress to Pass DREAM Act this year, 2009!

WHAT: DREAM Graduation Ceremony held in Los Angeles, CA in solidarity with the United We Dream Coalition’s National Day of Action in Washington D.C., in support of the DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Act.

The DREAM Act is a bi-partisan legislation that if passed, would provide undocumented college students a path to legalize their status after meeting strict requirements. These requirements include that the student must have entered the country before the age of 16, graduate high school or obtain a GED,  have good moral character (no criminal record),  and have at least five years of continuous presence in the US. The students will then have six years within which they must obtain a two-year college degree or voluntarily complete two-years of military service, in order to have the chance to adjust their conditional permanent residency to U.S. citizenship.

WHEN: Tuesday, June 23, 2009

12:00 p.m. – 1:00p.m. – DREAM Graduation and Press Event

WHERE: Los Angeles City Hall Lawn

200 N. Main St. Los Angeles CA

WHO: UCLA student speakers will discuss the importance of the DREAM Act.

Undocumented students will provide testimonials of their journey as undocumented.

Wendy Carrillo, will be the Masters of Ceremonies

Kent Wong Director of the UCLA Labor Center will be the Key note speaker

Opportunity for interviews with members of the community, speakers, students and


WHY: Highlighting the achievements of our nation’s undocumented youth and the vast support for passage of the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act.

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VIII Encuentro de Jaraneros, 27 June, Lynwood!


This coming Saturday, June 27th, the 8th Annual Encuentro de Jaraneros is taking place at Plaza México in Lynwood! It’s not common for events like this one to get much publicity outside of Spanish-language media, and that’s where LAEastside.com comes in!

El Encuentro starts at noon and is scheduled to end after 9 p.m. The full list of performers is available at the website. The Masters of Ceremonies are Radio-Mas Veracruz’s Rafael Figueroa & KPFK’s Betto Arcos.

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Dago or Chicano?

The gorgeous Silvana Mangano singing her famous mambo from the 50’s movie “Anna” (banned in some places for years), Mangano, in this movie I saw as a kid at the old Starland Theatre in Lincoln Hts, even though it was on the list of forbidden movies tacked onto the front doors of Sacred Heart Church, was my first pubescent sexual fantasy and she still turns me on.

The LA Eastside has always been a melting pot and home to immigrants from many places in the world. Boyle Hts and East Los Angeles, besides Mexicans, had the Jewish, Russian, Japanese and Armenian immigrant communities, Lincoln Heights and environs had the Irish, Italians, Okies (immigrants?), and Mexicans, among others. This stew sometimes produced the typical ethnic clashes, stereotyping and prejudice, but more often, on the much more common positive side, gave one the opportunity (especially the children growing up together), to learn about and understand other cultures. This education was priceless to me and Lincoln Hts was one of those special places where different working class ethnic groups all lived in close proximity and where many lifelong friendships were established, on the streets, in school, at work, and through intermarriage.
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