hike in the rain

After work today I stopped by the Army Surplus in Lincoln Heights and got me a pair of rain boots, a big umbrella and an orange poncho. I put on the boots and poncho then headed up into the hills of Lincoln Hts. Here are two shots. I used my iPhone so they aren’t the best quality, but you get the idea. It was fun walking in the rain able to step in puddles without worry. Only my knees got wet because they were the only part of me  exposed. I felt refreshed walking uphill in the oxygen rich air.

wet LAThe Rolling Hills Above Happy Valley

6 thoughts on “hike in the rain

  1. its amazing the hot much smog there is in LA, and we dont notice it until these rainy days clear all of it away and we can see how beautiful the landscape is. I usually take the 6th street to work and back home. One of my favorite sites is from that bridge looking back to Boyle Heights, with the mountains in the back ground.

  2. Nice pics Pachuco 3000, I remember as a kid that after a heavy rain we would go up in the hills of LH and the views would be spectacular, the concrete of the bridges over the LA River and the City Hall and the General Hospital bldgs would be washed clean, the air was fresh, it is usually windy right after a rain and the green grass on the hills would be swaying and glistening and the smell of the grass was strong and invigorating, the clean palm fronds in Eastlake Park would shine in the fresh blue sky and the world seemed alright.

    PS; Off The Street, that is a gorgeous view for sure, but one of the most spectacular views in the whole wide world is when after a good rain, your driving on the Pasadena Frwy, and you come out of the tunnels looking northeast, and can see all the hills of LH, HP, GP, Pasadena, green and clean, and above them all are the Sierra Madre Mtns all white with snow in that blue sky with the white puffy clouds.

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