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La Beauté Est Dans Larue: Destino Final Quiere Saber Quien Posee Tus Dias

Destino Final is from spain. they started as… who cares? they are one of the most overrated / underrated bands around, contingent on you knowing your shit or you being a fuckin idiot. i’m somewhere in the middle: an idiot who knows some shit. a shit who knows some idiots. let’s leave my friends out of this.
i think of the great kids at RHS who ask me, “mister, i heard you like that rock stuff?” no, i like stuff that rocks. Destino Final deliver the goods here, on the streets! even though the audio is bad, here are 30 reasons how Destino Final showed La Beauté Est Dans Larue.

¿Donde Estan? lyrics:
¿donde estan tus amigos?… ¿donde estan?
cuando mas los necesitas… ¿donde estan?
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