Back to the Future: Boyle Heights

1st & Cummings Circa 1958

1st & Cummings Circa March 30, 2010

Paco of Corazon del Pueblo wanted me share these two pictures and write a up a post after he saw the vintage picture on the facebook fan page “Who remembers in East L.A.” In the last 58 years so much has changed in Boyle Heights. I’m 25 and already the barrio is changing once again. In the picture you see all the old businesses and the trolly that ran through 1st. Nowadays we have the goldline running under ground, a few different shops and a bigger police station. I can only imagine what will change and how things will look another 58 years from now.

A Little Taste of Home On The Road


My brother is on a cross country tour with the band: “GREEN JELLO“. During their current stop in South Carolina, he visited the local supermarket (FOOD LION). He writes: :”Thank goodness they have a Mexican section, so I can feel at home!” He points out that the Mexican section consists of Mexican beer and 9 packs of cheese….

(photo & quote courtesy of Ego Plum,

Another Downtown Eyesore


A few days ago I caught a link by LA Observed that mentions some of the supposed worst “eyesores” in El Centro. Well I happened to be downtown on that very day, and I’d like to submit the following location to the list of eyesores. Yes, LA Live. A most inappropriate name. Well, unless you were trying to zap some sort of “life” into a monster. But at least the icon of a pole dancing stripper seems to work. They’ve bothered to make a map, not that you’ll ever need to refer to it.

Click ahead for some pics of this so called “Living.”

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Re-dedication Ceremony for Historic LH Clock

photo courtesy of Chanfles!

The original clock was destroyed a few years ago by a film production company during late night filming at a nearby club, The Airliner. Once local neighbors and activists heard about the incident, calls and queries were made to determine when and how the clock would be repaired. Despite the attention, neither the production company, The Airliner or the Lincoln Heights Chamber of Commerce would offer up much information on how and if, the clock would ever be replaced.

Well, lo and behold just a few weeks ago, a new clock was installed and while it isn’t the original (the base is new, not sure about the clock face) and is now facing a different direction, it’s not a bad replacement.

A re-dedication ceremony will be held tomorrow, Thursday, March 25 from 10am-11am at the new clock, 2419 N Broadway. Event sponsored by The Lincoln Heights B.I.D.-Business Improvement District and Councilman Ed Reyes. Local celebrity and former Los Angeles Dodger Bobby Castillo will be in attendance.

You can read El Chavo’s review of the clock here.


Break Out Reporter for The El Paso Times in Boyle Heights Saturday


Last weekend of art activism– A Prayer for Juarez closes.  This Friday and Saturday doors open at 7:15pm for final viewing of the protest art exhibit. Casa 0101 Annex, 2102 1st Street, Boyle Heights.  All events are FREE!

Friday, March 26, Film  Screening of El Traspatio/Backyard from Mexico. Not yet released in the US.  Stars Jimmy Smits & Ana de la Reguera. [Mexico, 2009 – 122 mins].  Screening starts at 8pm

Saturday, March 27, Award Winning Reporter Diana Washington Valdez updates us on the latest from Ciudad Juarez, from an insider’s point of view. Starts at 8pm.

Diana Washington Valdez, an investigative reporter for the El Paso Times, has covered the murders in Ciudad Juarez since 2001. In her book The Killing Fields: Harvest of Women, Washington Valdez contends the killings are part of a circuit of parties hosted by prominent Juarez citizens. Former FBI official Frank Evans said, “Diana Washington Valdez is a witness to the truth.” Ms. Washington Valdez has taken the message about the femicides in Ciudad Juarez to 30 cities in the United States and other countries. She is featured in the documentary Border Echoes, produced by Lorena Mendez Quiroga of Los Angeles and in Bajo Juarez by Alejandra Sanchez and Jose Cordero. Both films feature author Washington Valdez’ examinations of the Texas-Mexico border atrocities. Diana Washington Valdez has been interviewed for features on CNN, the New York Times, Aljazeera, Televisa, Channel 4 (London, England), and other news media.
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Of a cyclical nature

Photo from Los Angeles’s Angels Flight by Jim Dawson

Last week’s re-re-opening of Angel’s Flight (let’s hope it’s for good this time!) reminded me of one of my favorite photos (above) of the mini railway. What I find remarkable about this particular picture is the vegetarian restaurant to the right of the hill. I remember looking at this photo many years ago and lamenting the fact there were so few vegetarian restaurants to fulfill my dietary needs. I was jealous of the folks who in 1907, merely had to walk down the street to find a meat-less eatery. Not too long ago, trips to vegetarian restaurants could sometimes be all day excursions seeking out word-of-mouth eateries in far-flung corners of the county. How things have changed!
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Be safe on the Blue Line or el$e

I’m all for safety on the road, on foot, bike and train. I’m always cautious of my surroundings and always look twice before I cross, however not everyone adheres to these safety measures and Metro along with the LASD and LAPD want to make sure everyone does abide by the rules and be safe on the road or when going Metro. So, tomorrow morning (3-23-2010) they will be holding police check points all along the Metro Blue Line starting from the 7th street stop all along to Washington Station. They will be there starting from 7 a.m. and be checking up that people aren’t making illegal turns, people driving while talking/texting on their phones and jaywalkers. I got a jaywalking ticket once because I crossed when the hand was flashing red. At least that’t what the officer said and god knows there’s no arguing with the LAPD because that hand went red HALF WAY THROUGH me crossing. What was I suppose to do ? Walk back to the other side ? I hope the $175 fine paved some roads or fixed some parking meter.

Anywho, just thought I’d give everyone that rides the Blue Line in those areas or drives by the heads up. The city is hurting for money so they’ll squeeze every dime outta ya. To be more specific, $175 for jaywalking to $436 for red light violations. HOWEVER, I will note that this isn’t some random thing Metro and the police decided to do, Metro wants to reduce the number of deaths and accidents along these stations. Here is their analysis and break down of how the public just needs more education on safety issues. As a long time Blue Line rider all I can say is that, if you get caught breaking the law or being unsafe, then you deserve the fine.