Eastside Greasers

Lincoln Heights Greasers

El Chavo originally spotted these youngsters a few months ago. Today they were out and about looking for something fun to occupy their time.

Me: Can I take your picture?
Them: Sure!!!
Me: What do you call your style?
Them: Greasers
Me: How long have you been into this style?
Them: Four years
Me: Thanks! Have a great day!
Them: You too!

If you look carefully, you’ll notice they are chomping on Flaming Hot Cheetos, the #1 snack on the Eastside.

Seen around Lincoln Heights

One thing I always liked about LH is the ingenuity you see when it comes to being creative with very little resources.  This is one prime example. I saw it outside of the local Lincoln Heights Library. Furry & complete with huge plastic skull to scare off cholo ghosts, probably.  I’m sure this cost about less than $10 to decorate but priceless when it comes to badassness.  I was going to wait to see who was the owner, so that I can take a picture of this bike with her/him, but alas I had to go.

Another photo after the jump.

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Mas Revolucion!

Official Message from Department of Homeboy SecurityNorth Eastern Division, to the Eastside Front
This Latest Communiqué from the Headshopquarters of General Chavo!
→All Troops to Remain on Brown Alert!

  • Warm up the Armored Taco Trucks!
  • Alert the Fundamentalist Eastside Radical group “The Tacoban” (AL Pastor is Great!)
  • Load the Elote Launchers!
  • Confirm enemy spy sighting rumors- (Huell Howser)
  • Beware of infiltration by over-rated Westside Street art! (Shepard Fairy)
  • Lindsay Lohan sightings
  • Confirm rumors that someone has asked if the Tortilla Chips are “Organic” at El Mercado on First Street.
  • Aprehend any persons working on their Laptops while sitting in the patio at “El Tepeyac

In case of enemy invasion=retreat to the secret caves located in the Montebello & Rose Hills! General Chavo is to be Frozen Cryogenetically as a Giant Paleta de Nués to be thawed out at a future date!
Please Report immediately to command post if you observe any of the following suspicious activities taking place in the Eastside!:

  • Increased number of Dog Walkers on the Eastside and purebred doggy poop landmines
  • Sightings of baby strollers costing more than $9.99
  • 2 year olds wearing designer Dr. Marten’s shoes
  • Ask for Identification of anyone wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt
  • The opening of one-word named boutiques
  • Be suspicious of anything with the faux distressed look (highly redundant to E.L.A.)
  • If you are captured, eat this message cooked in a spicy Mole Poblano Sauce!End Message

Green hills again

Pasadena Ave. - Lincoln Heights

Pasadena Ave. - Lincoln Heights

On a walk home from the Heritage Square Gold Line station I noticed once again that green is back in the NorthEastside.  Coming down through Highland Park on the line I could see the green all over the hills.  The frankly sparse amount of rain we’ve received has let all those empty hills, lots, and cracks in the street come to life.  Even with all the environmental degradation life still persists.  As my dad once said, “One day the Earth will finally shake us off like a bad case of fleas.” I’m no complete misanthrope, but in the end that doesn’t sound too bad for me.  Toda va, todo vuelve.

Happy New Year 2009!

We here at LA Eastside wish you a very happy new year! We look forward to another year of being a fly in the ointment, the rebels with and without causes, the malcriados on the block and the not so young kids next door that the blog neighbors secretly wish would get evicted for being a public nuisance!

Our perspective acknowledges the existence of the Eastside (that alternate reality of what it means to be Other in this town) even when the rest of the city ignores us or tries to take our name. This next year we hope to bring you even more posts about either side of the river, plus North and South tambien, but with our way of seeing the city. We are planning on a proper redesign, hoping to add a few more authors to join in the fray, talking about a few other interesting things to come, and all of this still with NO ADS! You can’t put a price on the value of our posts! Thank you all for reading. Have a good one and see ya around!


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