Seen around Lincoln Heights

One thing I always liked about LH is the ingenuity you see when it comes to being creative with very little resources.  This is one prime example. I saw it outside of the local Lincoln Heights Library. Furry & complete with huge plastic skull to scare off cholo ghosts, probably.  I’m sure this cost about less than $10 to decorate but priceless when it comes to badassness.  I was going to wait to see who was the owner, so that I can take a picture of this bike with her/him, but alas I had to go.

Another photo after the jump.

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I’ve been commuting to my job at Lincoln High School by bicycle since I’ve started working there almost 2 years ago.  It’s been pretty uneventful as far as run-ins with automobiles, suprisingly since Broadway is pretty hectic around 8am.  I know that once I approach the school that I should really be on the look out for people darting into the far right lane to drop off their kids. Now here is where today got interesting… Continue reading