Seen around Lincoln Heights

One thing I always liked about LH is the ingenuity you see when it comes to being creative with very little resources.  This is one prime example. I saw it outside of the local Lincoln Heights Library. Furry & complete with huge plastic skull to scare off cholo ghosts, probably.  I’m sure this cost about less than $10 to decorate but priceless when it comes to badassness.  I was going to wait to see who was the owner, so that I can take a picture of this bike with her/him, but alas I had to go.

Another photo after the jump.



If this bike is yours, let us know!

5 thoughts on “Seen around Lincoln Heights

  1. Maybe it doesn’t have any owner…maybe it’s a ghost bike rode by phantom cholo ghost.
    Speaking of ghosts, you know that creepy house on Ave 33 and Pasadena, the one your mom said was haunted? It’s being painted and I think the ghost is mad cause I had the creepiest dream about that place!

  2. That is sooooo a Playa Bike. (As in Burning Man) The tell-tale trace of playa dust on the tires gives it away. (I should know, my Elmo beach cruiser hasn’t been in years, and still looks like that.)

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