Green hills again

Pasadena Ave. - Lincoln Heights

Pasadena Ave. - Lincoln Heights

On a walk home from the Heritage Square Gold Line station I noticed once again that green is back in the NorthEastside.  Coming down through Highland Park on the line I could see the green all over the hills.  The frankly sparse amount of rain we’ve received has let all those empty hills, lots, and cracks in the street come to life.  Even with all the environmental degradation life still persists.  As my dad once said, “One day the Earth will finally shake us off like a bad case of fleas.” I’m no complete misanthrope, but in the end that doesn’t sound too bad for me.  Toda va, todo vuelve.

2 thoughts on “Green hills again

  1. I love your dad’s quote, so wise!
    My lawn is green again. I stopped watering it during the summer cause I’d rather use the water for the vegetable garden. My neighbor stopped giving me dirty looks about it, finally!

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