Eastside Greasers

Lincoln Heights Greasers

El Chavo originally spotted these youngsters a few months ago. Today they were out and about looking for something fun to occupy their time.

Me: Can I take your picture?
Them: Sure!!!
Me: What do you call your style?
Them: Greasers
Me: How long have you been into this style?
Them: Four years
Me: Thanks! Have a great day!
Them: You too!

If you look carefully, you’ll notice they are chomping on Flaming Hot Cheetos, the #1 snack on the Eastside.

21 thoughts on “Eastside Greasers

  1. to quote the immortal CHUCK BERRY “hail,hail,rock & roll”
    its nice to see youngsters into rockabilly

  2. Is that really you, kit kat? It was only two months ago! Lol!
    BTW, you youngins sure have some pretty awesome nicknames, first “fruit punch” and now “kit kat.”

  3. hey i know all these fucken posers, this picture was taken when the barely started beign greasers, i went to the same middle school as them and these posers treied to talk to me cuz i was the only greaser, they fucken think there the best thing god ever made, these bitches they wouldnt know what a real greaser was if even if elvis was to come to life. their names are kit-kat(the asian one, adonis, rudy “cy baby”(the one in the hat) and i forgot the other ones name but hes adonis brother hes the last one.

  4. hey i know these fucken posers, there wanna be rockabilly, but they dont know shit about the style, i agree wid the homies from ACK, these posers aint real greasers, you should have taken a picture of us kings, we are the real deal not these wanna be “greasers”

  5. ACK, where do you guys hang out? I’ll go take a picture of you and then it’ll be your turn for all the fun comments. 🙂

  6. I <3 Greasers!!!
    This is a great shot! I'm sure the ACK's have a point, the young greasers probably don't know much about the greaser/rockabilly seen..But at a their age, it's the best time to learn..Don't be mean about it show em whats up! The music, the style, badass cars, but keep it PG!

    @ Chimatli, you can find the ACK's on MS. I had a nice cool AC visitor over once and he started talking about ACK's and I said"Is that a band?" Lol…

  7. honestly form knowing the greasers there all fake atleast the youngster know the 3 meaning of rockabilly your self your girl then your boys and i know without a doubt that these little cats know what that is see kit-kat and cry-baby are still up those two other arint see kit-kat and cy-baby are real greaser they dont say oo or dawg they keep it orginal with cats and the dont wear hat or go boald like dumb ass so no disrespect but these guys are the real deal or esl she would have not took there picture arint i rite and i bt there still greasing it too

  8. yup i was lazy that day.. didnt dress that day…but hay we all do sometimes when were lazy on sundays.. im a grown kid now.. i know everything about rock a billy an oldies an pachuco style… soo shut the fuck up an stop talkin shit. im a cool gato an mature.. i love fixing cars an workin on bikes an love dancing an singin an be a fuckin straight up greaser.. ill die to my colors… long live the rock a billy vida!!!!!

  9. im still greasing it!!! still not rolling with anybody!!! never will!!! respect all you cats out there!!! was up bola an speedy!!! i got respect for you dudes.. speedy my up st. neighbor an i went to middle school with bola. i respect you an your buddies. but hay im a greaser like you gyes! know ones real an know ones fake. but we all need to know the true meaning to be a rock a billy. you gyes no was up an i do too.

  10. hi kenny an alfredo an speedy you gyes are my best friends hahahah im bored gatos… get me a can of past blue ribbon

  11. whos ????? show who you are lol kenny is that you? fuckin kit kat bar… a weres side burns at ? lol

  12. Yeh nice comment cry baby ur a true greaser but i still dont kno why ur wroot some stuiped things ohh god man

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