The 3rd Street Specific Plan

From the website,

Four Discovery Workshops for Phase 1 of the Community Plan Update will be held in East Los Angeles beginning July 13, 2009 through July 25, 2009. The same material will be covered at each of the four workshops which will be held in different locations in East Los Angeles in order to be as convenient as possible for residents and business owners in East Los Angeles to participate in the process and help decide how the 3rd Street corridor should develop and appear in the future (Discovery Workshops Schedule).

The Discovery Workshops will be followed by a continuous series of all day design sessions called a charrette which will be held over a six day period. The charrette will occur the week of August 17, 2009 through August 22, 2009. During the charrette, all of the information gathered from early field work, stakeholder interviews and the Discovery Workshops will be shaped into a vision for the 3rd Street corridor, which will later be transformed into the 3rd Street Specific Plan.

Residents, business owners and other local stakeholders will be invited and encouraged to participate in the process. The exact location and times of the discovery workshops and the design charrette will be announced on this website, as well as in local publications and libraries, in the coming weeks. We look forward to your ongoing participation in this exciting community planning effort.”


~ Monday, July 13, 2009

Belvedere Community Regional Park – Social Hall 4914 East Cesar Chavez Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90022 (323) 260-2342 Time: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

~ Tuesday, July 14, 2009

City Terrace Park – Social Hall 1126 N Hazard Ave Los Angeles, CA 90063-1258 Phone: (323) 260-2371 Time: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

~ Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ruben Salazar Park – Senior Center 3864 Whittier Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90023 (323) 260-2330 Time: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

~ Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saybrook Park – Recreation Room 6250 Northside Dr Los Angeles, CA 90022 (323) 724-8546 Time: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Mas Revolucion!

Official Message from Department of Homeboy SecurityNorth Eastern Division, to the Eastside Front
This Latest Communiqué from the Headshopquarters of General Chavo!
→All Troops to Remain on Brown Alert!

  • Warm up the Armored Taco Trucks!
  • Alert the Fundamentalist Eastside Radical group “The Tacoban” (AL Pastor is Great!)
  • Load the Elote Launchers!
  • Confirm enemy spy sighting rumors- (Huell Howser)
  • Beware of infiltration by over-rated Westside Street art! (Shepard Fairy)
  • Lindsay Lohan sightings
  • Confirm rumors that someone has asked if the Tortilla Chips are “Organic” at El Mercado on First Street.
  • Aprehend any persons working on their Laptops while sitting in the patio at “El Tepeyac

In case of enemy invasion=retreat to the secret caves located in the Montebello & Rose Hills! General Chavo is to be Frozen Cryogenetically as a Giant Paleta de Nués to be thawed out at a future date!
Please Report immediately to command post if you observe any of the following suspicious activities taking place in the Eastside!:

  • Increased number of Dog Walkers on the Eastside and purebred doggy poop landmines
  • Sightings of baby strollers costing more than $9.99
  • 2 year olds wearing designer Dr. Marten’s shoes
  • Ask for Identification of anyone wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt
  • The opening of one-word named boutiques
  • Be suspicious of anything with the faux distressed look (highly redundant to E.L.A.)
  • If you are captured, eat this message cooked in a spicy Mole Poblano Sauce!End Message


Ajua! Someone has correctly answered all of the questions on the
One very Eastside Culture savvy contestant has demonstrated a profound
knowledge of all things Eastside, and has proven to be  truly deserving of the Grand Prize! A certificate good for Dinner for Two from:
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Dia de los Muertos Continues at Self Help Graphics!

Self Help Graph​ics & Art presents

Day of the Dead Progr​ammin​g 


Join us in our conti​nuing​ community celeb​ratio​n in East LA.
Free for the commu​nity—donations accepted.

** A Call To Witness: All Is Not Forgotten Dia de los muertos exhibit, in SHG’s Brooklyn Gallery will be open for viewing ** 

KEEP READING! Details on these exciting evenings follows!

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Unlocking an Old Memory with Discarded Keys

One of my fondest memories growing up was going to the movies with my parents. Even in San Diego, we had our version of the Million Dollar Theatre, but ours was in Logan Heights.“El Coronet” was where Mexican cinema was a weekly Mecca for the culturally starved and homesick. It didn’t matter if I had a small Spanish vocabulary, at 8 years old I began to understand the tension between women and men giving into love, keeping their principles and resolving their differences to come together. All this visual-audio negotiation took place in a spectacular romantic Ranchera Musical, with fabulous costumes, handsome leading men and strong principled women. It was there that the emotionally charged scaled notes began to send chills up my spine, at the same time made my heart well up with cultural pride. My friend, John Santos an Afro-Cuban drummer told me he feels the same deep emotion when he hears bagpipes, because he is part Irish. Makes me wonder if sounds are also part of our genetic make-up. Denise Chavez’novel Loving Pedro Infante reaffirms that we Chicanitas learn about our ideal hombre through these icons of Mexican cinema.

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