Happy New Year 2009!

We here at LA Eastside wish you a very happy new year! We look forward to another year of being a fly in the ointment, the rebels with and without causes, the malcriados on the block and the not so young kids next door that the blog neighbors secretly wish would get evicted for being a public nuisance!

Our perspective acknowledges the existence of the Eastside (that alternate reality of what it means to be Other in this town) even when the rest of the city ignores us or tries to take our name. This next year we hope to bring you even more posts about either side of the river, plus North and South tambien, but with our way of seeing the city. We are planning on a proper redesign, hoping to add a few more authors to join in the fray, talking about a few other interesting things to come, and all of this still with NO ADS! You can’t put a price on the value of our posts! Thank you all for reading. Have a good one and see ya around!

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