Stirrings around Lincoln Heights

Lately, I’ve noticed all sorts of new spots opening up around town; and this in spite of La Crisis.

New community center opening in Lincoln Heights

New community center opening in Lincoln Heights

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One such place is in the photo posted.  I took this photo hurrying to work so I did not get the whole front of the spot.  I noticed two days ago some folks stenciling and subsequently painting.  It wasn’t until today that I noticed that their canopy reads “L.A. Community Space” and the actual marquée reads “Zócalo”: an obvious reference to the famous Zócalo in México City.  It’s located right across the street from Lincoln High School, close to the corner of Lincoln Park Ave & N. Broadway.  I have no information about this place beyond the photo shown.

Another spot in transformation is at the corner of Workman and N. Broadway.  This boring brown building used to have a beautiful moral on its westside but now it’s gone.  It also apparently, through hearsay, was once a gallery then transferred hands to some recent LHS graduates.  These LHS graduates are apparently pretty community-positive and want to keep it as a open creative space for the community.  From a teacher I heard that they also want to hold open-mic nights, and other activities. I think all of this is great because there is really so little for the kids to do after school.  I know they are working on spreading a petition throughout the community to keep it open for the kids that already frequent the space, because the owner wants to know if the community does want the space open.  I’ll post up information about that as soon as I get it.

Another place I noticed after getting my 5-gallon water jug filled, next to La Llamarada is Work/Space.  I really don’t know anything about this place and their website is pretty sparse. Does it belong to the wave of gentrification making its way east? Who knows.

Watch this space for updates.

4 thoughts on “Stirrings around Lincoln Heights

  1. looks like a gallery.

    what’s up with gentrifiers? why don’t they open their MFA hang-out in the suburbs?

  2. In other news, the Von’s on Ave 26 is shutting down. Welcome to La Crises. Not enough people with money to buy salad mix.

  3. Damn, I checked out the gallery website. I remember when it wasn’t cool to live in Lincoln Heights. I blame El Chavo and his website/blog! Hahaha! Perhaps your warning to the “rich, arty kids” could have been a bit stronger?

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