11 thoughts on “Young Rockabillies

  1. There are rockabilly crews at LHS. They’re the “Midnight…” something with their motto: “Death before Dishonour.”

  2. I see little kid rockabillies all of the time. I saw one kid looked to be 8 and had pompadour so high it was almost taller than him. I thought of that old video with the little girl who looked punk rock and was beating stuff up, I can’t remember the name of the song (and it’s not punk rock girl by the milkmen, already looked that up)…

  3. High school would have not have been the same without rockabillies. There weren’t many in South Gate HS, but the ones I knew were some of the funniest, most outgoing people I met in high school. Even the dbags in the group were great people.

    I hung out with Mexican metalheads for a year. Some got together and played Tucanes de Tijuana songs in the metal style. It sounded like shit, but those were good times.

  4. Awww…they are so cute!

    Drapes?? I’ve never heard that one before. That reminds me…are there still kids doing the “rebel style”?? I remember them from highschool and I think they were a distinctly southern California thing. They were like rockabilly crossed with gay ravers, pompadours and motorcycle boots but skintight shirts, baggy jeans, and tweezed eyebrows and they had crews that would dance battle. Maybe it was just a 90s thing…

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