Sal, chile y limón


Just wanted to give a belated shout-out to all the fruteros who worked tirelessly this summer to provide the Eastside with much needed delicious and healthy snacks. Unsung heroes of la esquina, working daily, barely shaded by the cheap plastic umbrellas above you, tirelessly slicing fruit and swatting away pesky flies, thank you for being patient as you tried to get just the right amount of chile y limón on my order. May the upcoming season of champurrado y tamales be just as, uh, fruitful!

2 thoughts on “Sal, chile y limón

  1. woohooo, tamal season is amost here. if you guys want some bad ass champurrado, and i mean bad ass. go to the lady that stands right next to la favorita on 4th and breed.

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