Make up your mind people!

I find it funny whenever I see a converted Wienerschnitzel location because no matter what they do to it it will always look like a Wienerschnitzel.

This old Wienerschnitzel location in Long Beach has been a couple different businesses.  I guess the last one was  a Mexican resturant which did not last long  either I wonder why?


More after the jizump…

So yes I find it pretty annoying, and funny when known cheesy kind of  architecture of old restaurants  tries to be something else . Stop faking it people!


I can’t say I am the biggest fan of  Wienerschnitzel, but I can’t imagine ordering my comida Mexicana at this place how mean of me huh!




Fun Fact: The first ever Wienerschnitzel was located on Pacific Coast Highway in Wilmington my favorite grime spot, and still in operation till this day.

Speaking of Wilmington please join us at the Slanguage residency party part two at MOCA ” Dislexicon A Word Performance”

Thursday October 1st 2009

7 p.m -10 p.m

MOCA Grand Avenue
250 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012
FREE, Cash Bar

This is the second of a three part event which features a spoken word and song  performance by fellow Slangauge members as well as a mini homemade documentary I took part in about Wilmington. It  is kind of  like my blog Swap Meet Chronicles come to life so support the cause because it’s free!

There will also be Djs and an Aztec headdress making workshop!

See ya there!


Doña Junta

16 thoughts on “Make up your mind people!

  1. Wasn’t there an ex-Weinerscnhitzel on PCH or Anaheim that was painted like a hot rod and served “extreme hot dogs” for a while. I think it was near the West Coast Choppers Iron Cross Temple of Bro.

  2. All new Weinerschnitzel’s have indoor seating along with a drive thru and outdoor seating.
    There is one of the newer ones in Pico Rivera across the Pico Rivera Town Center.
    Ive always been amazed at how small and crowded they can get when they say have 3 or 4 employees during their lunch about too close for comfort.

    I once talked to a guy that was a manager at one of these and he said that the average old school W only made less than $3,000 a day in sales(this was back in 2001)..and the really shitty ones averaged about $1500.

    I like their recent commercials and who can forget their mascot..the running weenie lol
    I dont eat red meat or beef…but the jalapeno poppers and the ice cream cone sure look tempting.

    Oh and when i did eat meat i would- prefer the Tommy’s chili over the W’s anyday…mmmm…an order of Tommy’s chili cheese fries sure sounds good right now!

  3. Cool, hope to see you there!

    Marshall yes that one is the old hot rod one!! hahha but it changed into this a Mexican resturant now this is gone it is on PCH near Santa Fe.

    Yeah that is not much on sales and you are right L&H LA the new ones are nothing like the old ones lol

  4. I drove by a Wienerschnitzel today on Garvey Ave in Monterey Park and thought of this post. 🙂 If they served veggie dogs, I might go. Hot Dog on a Stick does a veggie version…yum, corndogs!

  5. I used to work at one back in my HS years, 2001. The daily sales sound about right, a good day which would normally be a weekend was of about 3000-3500. I used to work the night shift and that place was so small and hot. I remember that sometimes I would be making the fries and the fryer was so hot and I couldn’t help sweating all over the fries lol. I’ll never eat that shit, now I know what goes on in those lil places.

  6. @urbanista hahah that seafood spot don’t look that bad converted lol
    @ Rolo haha yeah them places are all small inside no more using the coupons on chili fries then lol.

  7. What’s funny and cool is when an old Taco Bell – the kind that looks like brick and with a bell – is converted into a little Mexican fast food restaurant. It’s like a similar menu, but tastes way better.

  8. there was a weinershitzel on rosecrans in compton that was abandoned for years and had the entire slanted roof mobbed up top to bottom on both sides.

  9. Is macArthur park considered the Westside? Im sure that if you tell someone from Santa Monica that MacArthur park is part of the Westside they would flip lol.

    Remember that CarlsJr already had a whole Mexican menu, I don’t go there so im not sure if they still offer it but the burritos and guacamole was a mess.

  10. Check out the King Taco at Olympic & Downey Rd, it was a Shell gas station in the 60’s -70’s. Albertos Mexican Food on Beverly still looks like the original 31 Flavors that it once was!! What about the “Tamale Building on Whittier bLVD, that is now a beauty salon, now that is really bad!!

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