No. How can someone think of putting pancakes into a BURRITO!?!?!? Puras locuras. I could not belive my sleepy eyes when I went to Denny’s with the GF this morning. Her choice to go there. I wanted a torta after reading Chavo’s post. So you can believe my shock when I saw this on the menu. And the price !?!? Pfft tan locos. I was THIS CLOSE to actually giving it a try and not being close minded and judgmental about it. But after I saw the syrup trying to be salsa, I took a stand and said NO. Denny’s, I’ve enjoyed the 3 a.m. breakfast and pumpkin pie in the winter, but this atrocity against burritos has gone far enough. All I have to say is NO.

7 thoughts on “No

  1. damn right, nothing tops that pumpkin pie in the winter. i havent had any in a while but i sure miss it. After you start reading this blog and all these recomendations its very hard, almost impossible to even concider dennys anymore.

    open face monte cristo are good, i like the one that they have at the bright spot in echo park

  2. A breakfast burrito is already a bastardization of a traditional burrito. What does a few added pieces of pancake and dollop of syrup matter? I say embrace it and the following heart attack it will surely provide.

  3. this is kind of like a bastard crepe then? i also have to laugh that you go to Denny’s and expect authentic cuisine of ANY kind. they F up American food! at least Denny’s is kind of cheap. IHOP is more gross and $$$. i was driving down Sunset and saw a diner with a sign in the window that said “STUFFED FRENCH TOAST – $2.50”. how bad for you does THAT have to be? let us know when you find a good late night cheap eaterie. thanks for the heads up on this grossness too.

  4. that might taste good if they fried it on the griddle a bit, pressed it, cut it into slices, and then poured syrup on the whole thing. or maybe sprinkled it with powdered sugar and cinnamon.

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