Los Jack

Los Jack is now serving “crumbled chorizo sausage” for breakfast.

While wandering the Westside, near MacArthur Park, I noticed the latest community outreach from Jack in the Box; the Chorizo Sausage Breakfast Burrito.

No word if this corporate menu choice has invaded the Eastside, but you can imagine the competition brainstorming ways to make their way into the Latino market. Will McMenudo and the SixDollar Star Torta be far behind?

By the way, even if Chorizo Sausage Breakfast Burrito translates to Sausage Sausage Breakfast Burrito it doesn’t mean The Box is offering a double serving.

4 thoughts on “Los Jack

  1. Is it possible “wraps” could be construed to be some edible for the hip-hop community? And just what are the ingredients in Jack “crumbly” chorizo? i’ll bet there’s nothing similar to what’s in the authentic delicious sausage. like the whole smily pig face? Not Jack’s.

  2. Who can we trust?, the stuff doesn’t even look like it is scrambled together, is this Soy Rizo?, I heard the tacos are a meat substitute. Can’t wait for Mc Menudo and Mc Pozole!!!!

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