No. How can someone think of putting pancakes into a BURRITO!?!?!? Puras locuras. I could not belive my sleepy eyes when I went to Denny’s with the GF this morning. Her choice to go there. I wanted a torta after reading Chavo’s post. So you can believe my shock when I saw this on the menu. And the price !?!? Pfft tan locos. I was THIS CLOSE to actually giving it a try and not being close minded and judgmental about it. But after I saw the syrup trying to be salsa, I took a stand and said NO. Denny’s, I’ve enjoyed the 3 a.m. breakfast and pumpkin pie in the winter, but this atrocity against burritos has gone far enough. All I have to say is NO.

My Favorite Burrito: Jim’s Burgers Sunrise burrito

Lately I’ve been going to work early in the morning, 6 a.m. early and that’s WAY too early for this hibernating bear. Even though I only work three days a week thanks to “La Crisis.” That’s why I stop at Jim’s Burgers and grab myself a sunrise burrito and a cup of joe. I know I’ve mentioned them before, but the burrito is soo good that it deserves a post of its own. Sometimes it’s so cold in the morning that I can see the steam float from the burrito at every bite. Almost as if the taste/aroma of the burrito is enticing me to take another bite outta of it, like in old looney toons cartoons when the aroma would form a hand and grab the character and smack them up side the head. That’s how it feels eating a burrito of this caliber so damn early in the morning. Hell, by the time I get there, there’s already a few old timers eating and talking shit like it’s just another day on the job. Last week as I was scarfing down my burrito, I noticed a father and son walk outta the place together. The kid was about seven to 10 years old. Both him and his dad got into their truck getting ready to deliver tortillas. Just watching them pass me by like that took me back to the days when my father and I were hustlin’. Getting up early to beat the traffic, getting our shit together and grabbing a bite to eat before we had to handle the days business. Amazing how the simple act of eating a burrito early in the morning can evoke such powerful memories and emotions. Damn that burrito is good.  

Jim’s Burgers

1901 E 1st St.

Los Angeles, CA 

(323) 266-3886