7 thoughts on “Bad Street Art

  1. Hmm, possible. Anyone else care to wager an opinion? Maybe we can start a poll, cuz you know this type of bad art will eventually get found out. I pity the fool.

  2. The new thing for CalArts kids is to live in the “gritty” parts of town and just commute via hybrid (cuz they are such environmentalists) to Valencia. I know, I have two of them living on my street in Lincoln Heights and I wouldn’t put that shitty MJ fantasy poster past them.

  3. I heard from some Cal Arts students that Highland Park is the new hot spot to live.
    I had a neighbor who grew up in Lincoln Heights and got a scholarship to go to Cal Arts. She didn’t even last a year. If you don’t have the support system, the right car and the renewed inspiration, it’s a struggle.

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