No. How can someone think of putting pancakes into a BURRITO!?!?!? Puras locuras. I could not belive my sleepy eyes when I went to Denny’s with the GF this morning. Her choice to go there. I wanted a torta after reading Chavo’s post. So you can believe my shock when I saw this on the menu. And the price !?!? Pfft tan locos. I was THIS CLOSE to actually giving it a try and not being close minded and judgmental about it. But after I saw the syrup trying to be salsa, I took a stand and said NO. Denny’s, I’ve enjoyed the 3 a.m. breakfast and pumpkin pie in the winter, but this atrocity against burritos has gone far enough. All I have to say is NO.

Doing La Crisis 1990s style.

5.99 WOW!!!

5.99 WOW!!!

I was unlucky enough to be a child of the 90s. The 90s sucked. I always wished I could have been a child of the 80s, but no I was stuck in the decade that started sarcasm, plaid shirts as fashion statements or rather just not washing in general as a fashion statement. It was filled with lots of music that I hated, but had to listen to because there was nothing else available. Lots of whiny songs about killing yourselves and the gov’t and how it sucked and blowing up shit, but it wasn’t fun like punk in the 1970s it was all 1990s and crap. Oh yeah and techno started then too, freakin’ great disco without the cocaine or fun lyrics.

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