Los San Patricios de World Cup

The celebration of Blanco’s penalty to make it 2 nil to the Mexico! Filmed in Blakes Of The Hollow Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, N Ireland by Claire Gillen, and edited, directed and all that jazz by her also.

“The Irish are the Mexicans of Europe.”
– Luis Valdez

The past couple of weeks I’ve been bleary-eyed mess. My day consists of waking up early, watching a World Cup game, going to work and then planning my breaks so I can catch snippets of the midday games. Yes, I am a World Cup fan and I have been since World Cup came to Los Angeles in 1994. It was during this time, that I began to understand the passion of game, of how it’s not just what happens on the field that’s important but also what happens in the stands with the supporters. One of the best parties I’ve ever been to was the after game celebration in Old Town Pasadena when Brazil won the World Cup in 1994. Wild dancing in the streets followed by public amorous interactions, the most innocent being spontaneous hugs from strangers – really, that’s the best way to celebrate a victory!

It’s this global communal aspect of the game, of folks around the world who cheer and sometimes cry together, that draws me into the competition. The video above is a perfect example of this cross-cultural and international phenomenon. It’s a video taken in an North Irish pub, full of Irish folks in Mexico jerseys celebrating Mexico’s win over France. They even have their own Mexico supporter’s song, that starts with “Oh, Mexico is wonderful…” There’s been a long history of Mexican-Irish connections and it’s nice to see the traditions carry on.

This Sunday is the big match-up between Mexico and dreaded Argentina, who despite my prejudices, I must admit are playing very well. It will be a tough game but if Mexico pulls through, expect wild revelry in the streets. Hopefully this revelry will consists of spontaneous dancing and an amorous atmosphere but we Mexicans are no Brazilians, so most likely it’ll be flags and honking horns. I’ll take it! Viva Mexico!

Eastside Lakers Street Party Part 1

After the Lakers won the championship last year, I watched the news coverage of the street celebrations that took place on the Eastside.  I decided that day, that if the Lakers won the NBA crown once again, this time I would witness the street celebrations firsthand from the “Belly of the Beast.” Continue reading

Riots as Celebration

While the media pundits start on their predictable perspective regarding the celebrants of today’s various sporting events, I’m going to offer a counter explanation. For whatever its worth.

If you grow up in one of the various under served communities (aka poor) of Los Angeles then you’ll know all about social control, the method by which they keep humans in check. The city offers no social space, no gathering spots for celebration, no common grounds on which we can all gather to mark a significant moment. What to do? You make your social territory. You reclaim the space in which you can connect with others, consequences be damned. Thus, the motley congregations the helicopters are following tonight.

Isn’t the bullshit LA Live complex supposed to be our new destination spot, the center of LA cultural life? So why are people not being allowed to expend that jubilant spirit in this so called center of Life? Because its just another corporate park meant to further profits, not to enhance our social lives. Yeah, there was lots of stupid people out there tonight acting like jerks, but I put the blame squarely on a city that makes no concessions to human needs, that demands euphoria only come with a paid ticket.

In backwards Mexico, they have El Angel, a random spot where everyone knows they can go to celebrate, to expend energy, to be amongst others that just want to scream and shout for a few hours. In LA, they’ve got nothing. Just a sidewalk and whatever street you can use for a few minutes, ’til the cops come to take the party away.

No doubt there’s some jerks doing stupid things out there. But this wouldn’t be happening if you treated LA citizens like human beings with human needs. If we had a proper social space to congregate, our own Zocalo so to speak, then maybe we would be better equipped for something as joyous, and mundane, as the victory of a local sports team. Instead we get bullhorn messages regarding an illegal assembly and an order of dispersal. Just don’t be surprised when the jubilants shout out a wholly understandable ‘Fuck You’.

Whittier Blvd: Still the Heart of East Los

Whittier Blvd, East Los, June 17, 2010. Photo by ciscorocks*

While the fate of the Lakers is still up in the air, there was much celebration around the Eastside today with the stunning win of Mexico over France in today’s World Cup game. This win helps Mexico reach the next round, which in turn gets them closer to the almighty World Cup championship.

All over the Eastside, cheers erupted from restaurants, bars and houses for Mexico’s two excellent goals. Here at the LA Eastside HQ, the cacophony of twirling, clacking matracas resounded through the streets. Who needs vuvuzelas?

Many commented on how June 17th is our new Cinco de Mayo, the day Mexico defeated the French at La Batalla de Puebla.

If Lakers manage to pull through, expect more celebrating folks to spill onto Whittier Blvd to celebrate tonight. LAPD has already shutdown buses along the boulevard.

*ciscorocks tweeted earlier “RAIDERS NATION is gonna be amped for the LAKERS championship if Mexico wins!” We love it, only in Los Angeles!

UPDATE: Lakers win! (I don’t like basketball but I do love happy Angelenos!)
Huntington Park: Crowds on Pacific Blvd get police attention and dispersal this afternoon.

Midnight rida

It’s been about a good month since I joined the bicycle community. I have always loved riding around town on a bike and now more than ever I find zen like pleasure when I do it at night and when I do it with friends. I do ride around primarily for transportation because I’m tired off the bus and because I need to get rid of the situation, and by the situation I mean my pansa. I’ve been getting around town just fine and just last night I biked 15 miles from UCLA to Boyle Heights. Nothing compared to seasoned riders, but I’m proud of myself. It’s not like when I decide to do the marathon with P3000 out of the blue. Since I started riding more actively and around town I’ve noticed a few things.

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Ole, ole, ole!

Cute video made by the Afghan Football Support Organization giving a brief overview of the Mexican team

We here at the LA Eastside headquarters are frantically preparing for early morning festivities to celebrate the World Cup opener tomorrow. Our beloved team Mexico will face the home team South Africa in what will surely be an exciting match. It’s rumored 20,000 Mexicans found their way to the African continent to cheer on El Tri. I knew we could cross rivers pretty good but a whole damn ocean? That’s impressive! Even more impressive is the cheer the Mexican fans are bringing to Soweto, literally pouring out of the airplanes with mariachis and fanciful costumes.

So how about you folks? Where are you watching the game manaña? Perhaps you all are already asleep or maybe you’re gonna do it paisa style and stay up all night drinking tequila so you’re in the perfect state for partido viewing in the morning. Wherever folks are, expect the sound of cheers, matracas and whistles to ring through the early Los Angeles morning air.

By the way, someone please tell me Huntington Park has finally came up with a good solution to accommodate the thousands of fans that show up on Pacific to celebrate. Every four years, it’s riot cops and stun guns. H.P.. listen up! You could actually make some money off this, be smart and forward thinking for once!

Que Viva Mexico, cabrones! Ole, ole, ole, ole!!!

P.S. I’m excited for Honduras and the US team too, go CONCACAF! Who are you all supporting?

More music to get you in the mood…

World Cup: Where to Watch?

In about 5 days,  La Copa Mundial is set to begin.  It’s like the World Series only with a non-boring sport, plus it gives the actual world a chance to participate. Of course I’m excited! The question is: where to watch some of the matches? Sure, the bulk of them will likely be at home – maybe with friends, possibly chilaquiles, certainly with beer – but some of the match-ups will lend themselves to public gatherings so I’ll probably want to join others in the watching. It can be a fun experience.

I know of a few places at the moment that will be showing matches, click ahead to see those. But this is a callout to request suggestions of spots to consider, please submit yours in the comment section.

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Home Despot Festival: El Matador & A Killer Toilet


Sometimes when I have free time, by which I mean time when I’m avoiding doing the things I’m supposed to do, I like to go on a walk around my neighborhood of Lincoln Heights, just to see que pasa. Usually there’s not too much excitement, but today I saw a huge Mexican Futbol jersey hanging on the side of the Home Despot and a bunch of stalls over on Ave 22 and figured I’d better see what all the mitote was about. And all of a sudden my lil’ walk turned into an exciting minute of celebrity spotting and a glimpse at one fine toilet. Since you probably also didn’t know about this parking lot festival, click ahead to see a few pics of how it went down!

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Lucha Libre in East Los


It’s no secret that I am a HUGE Lucha Libre fan. The sport of the working class folk. The little people that are the salt of the earth and make the world go round. This ballet of high flying, explosive acrobatics is some of the best entertainment on the face of the earth. I’m not talking about that stuff you see on American tv, even though it has its moments. No. Lucha Libre is beyond those theatrics of male soap opera and is an entity all of it’s own. Blue Demon Sr/Jr, El Santo & Hijo del Santo, El Perro Aguallo, Tinieblas, El Rayo de Jalisco, Atlantis, Octagon, Mascara Sagrada, Conan, Super Porki and Mil Mascaras are just some of the legends I grew up on because my father was a luchador in his day. I don’t care what anyone says about Lucha Libre. If you don’t have anything great to say about it then shut your pie hole !!! That goes out to all the mensos that don’t know better when they preach that it’s fake. OF COURSE IT’S FAKE !!!!! I can walk you through a whole match and explain the dynamics of this eloquent dance, but that’s not the point of it all. It’s a show. Entertainment. Escape from a weeks worth of busting your ass at some dead end job, trying to put food, clothes and a roof over your families head. It’s an escape from the realities of life because you don’t know where your next meal may come from. This is where families come to bond and share precious moments as they yell out profanities in Spanish and flip wrestlers off with great gusto. I almost lost my voice yelling my head off at the ref for cheating and helping Los Rudos win and you know what ? It’s all part of the show. The experience. The life style of the lower class. Horse racing may be the sport of kings, but Lucha Libre, that’s the sport of the working class. A class I’m proud to be a part of. All of the pics were taken by the GF who was a trooper and took one for the team because we ended up going to the show spontaneously. She has a great eye right ?For those of you interested in going to the next revancha, here’s the info. See ya there. Arriva los technichos !!!!!

M.F.W. Presents Goodrich Hall Lucha Libre

Every Sunday or every other Sunday at 5-5:30 p.m.

1239 Goodruch Blvd in the city of commerce. Entrance on Olympic and Union Pacific

Free parking. Tixs $7 Adults Kids $3

For more info (323) 812-8749 / (323) 812-8003

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