Los San Patricios de World Cup

The celebration of Blanco’s penalty to make it 2 nil to the Mexico! Filmed in Blakes Of The Hollow Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, N Ireland by Claire Gillen, and edited, directed and all that jazz by her also.

“The Irish are the Mexicans of Europe.”
– Luis Valdez

The past couple of weeks I’ve been bleary-eyed mess. My day consists of waking up early, watching a World Cup game, going to work and then planning my breaks so I can catch snippets of the midday games. Yes, I am a World Cup fan and I have been since World Cup came to Los Angeles in 1994. It was during this time, that I began to understand the passion of game, of how it’s not just what happens on the field that’s important but also what happens in the stands with the supporters. One of the best parties I’ve ever been to was the after game celebration in Old Town Pasadena when Brazil won the World Cup in 1994. Wild dancing in the streets followed by public amorous interactions, the most innocent being spontaneous hugs from strangers – really, that’s the best way to celebrate a victory!

It’s this global communal aspect of the game, of folks around the world who cheer and sometimes cry together, that draws me into the competition. The video above is a perfect example of this cross-cultural and international phenomenon. It’s a video taken in an North Irish pub, full of Irish folks in Mexico jerseys celebrating Mexico’s win over France. They even have their own Mexico supporter’s song, that starts with “Oh, Mexico is wonderful…” There’s been a long history of Mexican-Irish connections and it’s nice to see the traditions carry on.

This Sunday is the big match-up between Mexico and dreaded Argentina, who despite my prejudices, I must admit are playing very well. It will be a tough game but if Mexico pulls through, expect wild revelry in the streets. Hopefully this revelry will consists of spontaneous dancing and an amorous atmosphere but we Mexicans are no Brazilians, so most likely it’ll be flags and honking horns. I’ll take it! Viva Mexico!

6 thoughts on “Los San Patricios de World Cup

  1. Now dem some Irish folks I can respect. Sad their American relatives like McCaine and O’Rielly have forgotten their historically cultural solidarity.

  2. Terrific post.

    The celebration of Brazil’s 1994 World Cup victory in the streets of Old Town Pasadena was pure joy.

    And I’ve often said that I’m brown on the outside, but Irish on the inside. Especially after drinking Guinness.

  3. ha! had just gotten done re-reading some Dubliners and came on here to see this clip all up in the front page. great stuff.

  4. Thanks for the comments, glad to hear y’all liked the clip! I live for these kind of cross-cultural hybrids.
    Crisis, you were there too, eh? So then you know exactly what I’m talking about. “Pure joy” indeed!

  5. I think John McCain is a Scotch-Irish, meaning he was a descendent of a colonizer of Ireland.

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