World Cup: Where to Watch?

In about 5 days,  La Copa Mundial is set to begin.  It’s like the World Series only with a non-boring sport, plus it gives the actual world a chance to participate. Of course I’m excited! The question is: where to watch some of the matches? Sure, the bulk of them will likely be at home – maybe with friends, possibly chilaquiles, certainly with beer – but some of the match-ups will lend themselves to public gatherings so I’ll probably want to join others in the watching. It can be a fun experience.

I know of a few places at the moment that will be showing matches, click ahead to see those. But this is a callout to request suggestions of spots to consider, please submit yours in the comment section.

Crewest in Downtown.

Hecho en Mexico in El Sereno.

The Village Idiot on Melrose (h/t Will C.)

Nike at the Montalban in Hollywood.

Despite this cheesy mission statement, they might have something good. I went to something similar by nike last time around.You have to rsvp as well, which is lame.

Huntington Park has lots of eateries that will likely show the Mexico matches, even though the HP police hates you.

Update 1: soledadenmasa found out that ALL random taquerias will be showing the game, so more options abound. Plus he submits this guide by LAist with some other options as well.

off the street suggests Olvera St, like Cafe de Camacho.

Dennis says Grand Central Market will have a big crowd, some dodging buses!

Rolando offers White Harte Pub for those out in Woodland Hills.

Oh yeah, Pasadena also Lucky Baldwin’s and Brits, both which have good beer on tap.

Antigua Coffee House in Cypress Park is opening early to show the match.

—more to come.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I’m hoping people will submit places so we can do a round up post with all the updates. Restaurant/bar/front yard with a tv owners: send us your info!

And if you do check out some games public places in the next month, bring along your camera and take a few pics.  We want to do a few posts with the different WC viewing scenes out there, so send them our way, ok?

Email your pics to laeastside – at- gmail – dot – com

10 thoughts on “World Cup: Where to Watch?

  1. I think a couple places in olvera st will probably be showing it El Paseo and probably cafe de camacho

  2. Grand Central Market has televisions in the area with tables on the Hill Street side and that will attract a BIG crowd on Friday morning. I’m really disappointed that none of Mexico’s games in the first round are on the weekend as there is a really good scene that develops on Broadway as groups of people crowd around the electronics stores that set up flat screens in the front of their shops. The half circles of onlookers will continue to grow as the game continues and the folks at the back will literally be standing in the street, with their left eye watching the game and their right eye peeled for oncoming buses which force them to jostle their way on to the curb temporarily to avoid the vehicular threat.

    As for me, I know I’ll have students for periods 1 and 2 because I’ll have the game on in my classroom at Garfield. Thanks to Jonathan Aguilar for reminding me that I’d need a HD antenna to pick up the game rather than the traditional paperclip we have used in the past.

  3. yes that is a cheeeeesy statement. the person who had to put that on the glass prolly had a good laugh. I’m curious to see how it really serves as “the space for the youth”.

  4. wtf? – Maybe people think/know/are totally sure that baseball is boring because there are terms like “7th inning stretch” that are literally synonymous with boredom associated with the sport. I hear people who go to baseball games complain about how long they are all the time, about how they just wanted it to be over with.

  5. Check a soccer crazed pub- its between Shoup and Fallbrook on Ventura Blvd in Woodland Hills. Nice English pub has been getting everyone excited about World Cup for months by putting an official countdown clock on the website and on the signs they have. Everyone that goes there knows that all the games will be all shown live at this pub since they have opened as early at 5:30am for friendly matches in the past…always opened for the competitive Champions Leagues, Premiere Leagues, Euro-cup, La Liga etc…they are showing every soccer game there everytime you walk in… its where we will go to watch all the World Cup games, beer in hand.

  6. I think baseball is boring too. The only fun is going to the games to drink beer and eat peanuts, oh and sing that silly song. Otherwise, yawn…
    I’m super excited for world cup and hoping my employer will let me bring a TV to work to watch games on my lunch break.
    Also, anyone know of any online forums or sites with global World Cup chats? These were really fun and popular last World Cup and a great way to have discussions about the games with folks around the world.

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