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  1. We all know what happend to Humpty Dumpty when he sat on the wall. I would like to know, Where peoples allegegiances are when push comes to shove.

    During the War of the Christeros in the early 1900’s in Mexico, people could not stay neutral. They were asked by casually dressed people, Are you with The Church or The State. Not knowing which side the people asking were from- you could only answer your conscience and hope that those asking were also on the same side as you. If not you would get shoot on the spot.

  2. I’d like to take that flag and fly it upside down, as and artistic statement…..among others.

  3. My dad who was born in Mexico and is now a USA citizen, he raised us to respect the County we live in. On Mexican independence day (in September not May) he flies the Mexican flag but he also flies the American flag slightly above it, he explained to us as kids that he does this out of respect for the Country he lives in. He shows pride to the Mexican Country where he was born by flying the Mexican flag and also shows respect for the Country he lives in by also flying their flag.

    I think its important for those of us born here to recognize where our ancestors came from and also recognize where we were born and live, I personally try to respect both. Not sure of my feelings toward this particular flag.

  4. Such a f*cking tacky thing to do with our US flag. Unbelievable. Get that ugly bird off our stripes.

  5. @Bolinas:

    I’m sure lots of the nativist “more-patriotic-than-thou” types would throw a hissy-fit over this. I don’t see the big deal. It’s just a flag. What it represents is more important to me than the cloth itself. And by what it represents, I don’t mean the past as much as the potential for it’s future.

    I like the message, though I don’t think I’d own one of these myself.
    Here’s another image of a shirt like Cindylu’s:

  6. I can see this banner being a real time-saver if you’re inclined to burn flags. It’ll save on lighter fluid too.

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