Eastside Resting Place

About 75 people are mourning Michael Jackson’s passing by watching over MJ’s temporary Eastside resting place from the parking lot of the Jack in the Box across the street from L.A.’s coroner’s office.  The Eastside fans (and their veladoras) are joined in their grief by 11 television trucks and an army of sheriffs.

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9 thoughts on “Eastside Resting Place

  1. I heard the helicopters! MJ had more Eastside connections than this posthumous visit to LH but I’ll save that bit of info for another time.

  2. Does anyone else see the comical implications of your mention of “Jacko in the Box”? I’m sorry. I’m a mean, uncaring, irreverent slob of a man and I deserve spanked but come on, How many of you would’ve turned an eye to this imp a week ago, unless it was another picture of his disgraceful disfigurements or his “alleged” penchant for young boys? Remember the only reason he was never convicted of those charges was because he bought off the kid’s despicable parents? I’m sorry for not joining the “mourners” here. If you’re so inclined to believe in Judgement in the afterlife, I’m thinking Jacko’s getting a taste of his own bitter fruit. Apologies

  3. My opinion I Michael Jackson is I thought he was a great talent and I was still following him a week ago. When I was a little kid in Canada the first concert I went to was the Jackson Victory Tour. And I know he was different. I thought in my mind was trying transcend boundaries. Possibly plastic surgery isn’t the best way to do that, but I think he was trying to reach people.

    I think the thing that was interesting that no one has ever brought up the Little Price connection. It is obvious to me that he was really influenced by that movie. The way he dressed and then we all know he loved Bob Fosse.

    I remember being in the park as a little kid and this little boy was dancing like Michael Jackson and we all started chasing him around and screaming. It was weird.

    And I never believed he molested anyone. I think he was asexual. I am sure he had slumber parties and things and for sure that was inappropriate, but not because of the normal reasons.

    He is just a good case study of why kids have no business being in entertainment in any capacity. I’m glad that he was pushed into the limelight for my benefit. I thoroughly enjoyed Michael Jackson. My life is better for his existence, but I don’t think his life was better owing to this. Kids should be banned from the exploitations of the entertainment industry because it completely messes them up, especially the talented ones. People are greedy. They want more and more and especially if you have something the public, the machine is going to want it all until you are completely used up.

    RIP Michael Jackson.
    Your fan always.

    Browne Molyneux

  4. I do not condone child molestation, I also don’t judge people if I was not there myself to be a witness, I do not condone child abuse and intimidation also, parents who push their kids so hard that the whole concept of fun is thrown out the window, should be shot!! I will not justify anything Michael allegedly did,but I also will not stand by and say Michael had a beautiful childhood, it still does not excuse him from any “alleged” criminal behavior, but let’s not forget his abusive father joseph who is a little punk for abusing Michael and his brothers.Not sexually but psychologically, and emotionally.I did not see Joseph Jackson abuse his children, but there is plenty of documentation available from many different family witnesses.

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