Win tickets for the roller derby !!!!!

So who wants to go see the Derby Dolls this weekend ? for free ? Yeah that’s what I figured. Now that I have your attention, I am more than happy to give away tickets to the dolls bout this Saturday to LA Eastside readers because I’m a giving kind of guy. They hooked it up with 2 pairs of tickets for both the baby doll brawl and the main bout. You have to be 21 in order to get the tixs because it’s a 21 and only show. Another thing I would like to put out is that if you have gone to a bout, please don’t try to win the tickets. I would much rather have someone who has never experience the Derby Dolls go and have an amazing time like I did the first time I went. So I’m trsuting you guys and putting you on the honor system ok ? Ok puez. So here’s the million dollar question, what is the name of the derby doll I mention on my derby dolls post for being a bad ass jammer ? Send your responce through the contact page and be sure to include your EMAIL so we can hook you up with the information. A big heart felt gracias goes out to the LA Derby Dolls for hooking it up with tickets for their bout this Saturday.