Kids Are So Lazy

Back in my day, we kids had to walk with our own legs to get places. Not anymore! In these times of ultra-convenience some lil’ lazies have figured out a way to mooch a ride from here to there, forcing their so-called friends to do the heavy work of transporting for two. It’s the End Times, I tell you. Click ahead for another one these sinister acts of exploitation!

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Ice skatin’

For the last couple of years, I have known of the downtown ice skating rink, but it wasn’t until last year that I finally decided to give it a go. Let me tell you something about ice skating, it’s hella fun once you get the hang of it. If it’s your first time or you don’t have real good balance, your going to fall on your butt. That’s why you take your significant other to hold your hand and keep you from falling.

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The Fires This Time

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

A year after the Los Angeles Riots, a wave of wildfires driven by the Santa Ana winds rushed across wide swaths of suburbia. The fires were so severe that I could see the San Gabriel Valley foothills burning from Lincoln Heights. On the streets, hushed rumors were passed around regarding the source and cause of the fires. It was being said all over town (at least in the working class parts of town), that the fires were started by the looters and rioters of South Central as an answer to the critics who said they were stupid for “burning down their own neighborhoods.” I even remember reading in the Los Angeles Times about a guy in South Central who was picked up and questioned about the wildfires. I tried to follow up on the story months afterwards but as is all too common, the stories of class war fueled fires faded away into the dustbin of history.

I mention this because I heard the oddest thing at work today. One of my co-workers mentioned a very strange rumor regarding the current wave of Southern California wildfires. She said her mother’s boss (I think she works for a school and I think both belong to an Evangelist Christian church) said the fires were started by No on Prop 8 folks as revenge for the measure passing. I was flabbergasted! I really doubt the mother’s boss made this rumor up herself and I will bet anything it’s being passed around at the local store front churches.

Interesting questions emerge from these urban legends, have our local seasonal wildfires become the outlet for our urban fears and fantasies? Do the mysterious origins of these fires lend themselves to the projection of our collective dark thoughts?  Any other rumors out there?

The Homicide Blog is in critical condition.

Blog in critical condition................

Blog in critical condition................

Many blogs disappearances or locking are met with sadness, but sometimes certain blogs have lived through their usefulness. Unlike TV shows though, some blogs keep going long after their usefulness has ended. The LA Times Homicide Report blog a vehicle that I have always hated has finally been put in a home.

Reasons this blog annoyed me.

1. Wasn’t going to solve crime. You would think the LAPD would be embarrassed about all of those dead people, but dead poor people don’t make the real newspaper, so they weren’t that concerned. The Homicide Report blog was just a blog. Being in the Homicide blog meant that you didn’t matter. I always joked when I died I was going to be in the Homicide Report blog, maybe it wasn’t so much a joke, but you know an acknowledgement of my non anything status.

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In America you have rights, sort of. I hate cops. Reason 1,109.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” First Amendment, US Constitution.

Last Thursday on November 6, my boyfriend’s (BusTard) first amendment rights were violated in the name allegedly of Homeland Security. He was taking pictures of Sheriffs that do nothing at the rail stations, but harass people not polluting the environment with their cars. For doing this he was rewarded with being arrested and taken to LA Country Jail where he got to spend the remainder of his day.
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A community united by tacos

 With the inception of the newly formed Asociación de Loncheros L.A. Familia Unida de CA.taco truck owners and workers banned together to fight for their rights to sell tacos. The community forum hosted by the union was held at the Casa del Mexicano and everyone and there mother showed up to support the trucks, the union and to bask with fellow taco lovers under a full moon and a full plate. During the meeting, the union reassured everyone in attendance that the union is organizing and working with both city and state officials to find a solution to the harassment the trucks face. The one of the biggest priorities mentioned during the forum was that taco truck owners and workers have rights that cannot be ignored and have to be respected. The trucks all operate with city and health permits that require rigorous regulations that require trucks to be within 100 feet of a public restroom and to house their at a commissary.

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Calavera Fashion Show and Walking Altars 2008

Founder and co-director of
Tropico de Nopal Gallery-Art Space, Reyes Rodriguez said that he was first inspired to have a Dia de los Muertos inspired fashion show after seeing people in the Evergreen Cemetery in Boyle Heights celebrating Dia de los Muertos and dressing up in home made outfits.
“I would always see people getting decked out [for Dia de los Muertos.]
“It was never an attempt to recreate a calavera (skull) or specific image, it was always very contemporary, it was always very East L.A. and Chicano and I would say, ‘that stuff belongs on a run way.”

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Aha! More on Prop 8

There are large group* of folks that need to start working on their apologies right about now. According to a new study, support for Prop 8 among African-Americans was not as high as previously reported.

From KPCC:

African-Americans may have supported Prop 8 less than exit poll showed

There is a dispute over the extent to which African-Americans supported Proposition 8, the measure that bans same-sex marriage in California. A national exit poll suggested that 70 percent of blacks in California voted for the measure.

But another poll by the Center for the Study of L.A. found in Los Angeles, just over half of blacks supported Prop 8. Fernando Guerra directs the center at Loyola Marymount University. He told KPCC’s Larry Mantle that he doubts black opposition to the measure was as large as has been reported.

Fernando Guerra: Seventeen-and-a-half percent of all blacks in state of California live and vote in city of L.A. – so neither one of ours could be correct because for us to get only 52 percent – and statewide 70 percent, all blacks outside the city of Los Angeles would have had to support that proposition by 75 percent, so it makes it even higher.”

Guerra is a board member of Southern California Public Radio. His center conducted exit polls last Tuesday in L.A. neighborhoods with large numbers of black voters.

Of course there is a lot of work needed in ALL of our communities regarding tolerance, this goes without saying. However, hope this reminds folks, especially more progressive minded people that they need to think twice before they start accusing and blaming disenfranchised groups for larger, institutional problems.

*I should be more clear, “large groups of people” refers to those in the media and others who are quick to perpetuate divisiveness.

Desmadres In The News

Sometimes you can piece together a picture of the state of things by current news headlines.

Here’s a collection from today’s L.A. Times:







Community forum with the taco truck union


Join me and other’s in this forum with the La Asociación de Loncheros L.A. Familia Unida de C.A. on Thursday at La Casa del Mexicano starting at 6 p.m. To provide information to community members regarding the recent events that affected the catering  truck industry.