Smoky Skyline

I was over in Artesia today where you could still see some blue sky with the ominous smoke from the Triangle Complex fire looming large. Even though its quite far from the site of the fires, it still smelled and tasted like I had a bbq in my mouth. Click ahead for some exciting pictures of ash on the sidewalk!

As promised, ash on the sidewalk.

And in the gutter. That’s quite a bit.

Dang! That’s some chunky flying ash!

That is all.

11 thoughts on “Smoky Skyline

  1. Wow! that’s some big ol’ chunks! You can pick some of it up and it’s good for your garden or for polishing silver.
    -Tell me you scored on some good Indian food while you were down in Artesia!

  2. I made the mistake of riding my bicycle to school, instead of taking the bus & now my lungs hurts and my eyes are itchy. This air quality is terrible. But it’s not as bad as our last fire storm where I had to ride around with a face mask…but I may have to resort to that.

  3. That’s some thick ash in Artesia. That looks like the floor of a barber shop after someone gets their trensas chopped off. Especially in the last photo.

  4. i went to carmax to drop off my car for service, and i noticed that all of their cars in the parking lot had ashes all over the cars. i thought that was kind of crazy since the dealer is in Torrance.

  5. At my work in Pedro, I came in Sunday to discover that a similar pile of ash had collected inside an open window. A lot of the ash seemed to be made of eerily regular, sickle-shaped particles.

  6. There was a fire in RPV, right off Hawthorne, near City Hall. It was really tiny, though, and the ash we were getting in Pedro was largely coming from elsewhere.

    As someone who grew up on the Peninsula, I remain totally surprised that there hasn’t been some kind of spectacularly destructive brush fire there by this point. Given the amount of brush, the steep hillsides and the potential difficulty of reaching any fire with equipment easily, I’ve always felt that it’s only a matter of time.

  7. I hate the font on all of those signs down there. I suppose they’re trying to be unique and “klassy”, but they’re difficult to read at a distance.

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