Aha! More on Prop 8

There are large group* of folks that need to start working on their apologies right about now. According to a new study, support for Prop 8 among African-Americans was not as high as previously reported.

From KPCC:

African-Americans may have supported Prop 8 less than exit poll showed

There is a dispute over the extent to which African-Americans supported Proposition 8, the measure that bans same-sex marriage in California. A national exit poll suggested that 70 percent of blacks in California voted for the measure.

But another poll by the Center for the Study of L.A. found in Los Angeles, just over half of blacks supported Prop 8. Fernando Guerra directs the center at Loyola Marymount University. He told KPCC’s Larry Mantle that he doubts black opposition to the measure was as large as has been reported.

Fernando Guerra: Seventeen-and-a-half percent of all blacks in state of California live and vote in city of L.A. – so neither one of ours could be correct because for us to get only 52 percent – and statewide 70 percent, all blacks outside the city of Los Angeles would have had to support that proposition by 75 percent, so it makes it even higher.”

Guerra is a board member of Southern California Public Radio. His center conducted exit polls last Tuesday in L.A. neighborhoods with large numbers of black voters.

Of course there is a lot of work needed in ALL of our communities regarding tolerance, this goes without saying. However, hope this reminds folks, especially more progressive minded people that they need to think twice before they start accusing and blaming disenfranchised groups for larger, institutional problems.

*I should be more clear, “large groups of people” refers to those in the media and others who are quick to perpetuate divisiveness.

5 thoughts on “Aha! More on Prop 8

  1. I know everybody has seem this, because the talk about my evilness and greatly diminished, but no links though.

    LA observed posted it. Kevin is very receptive to public call-outs, though he likes to do that ignore bullshit.

    I think I should post a picture of his blog meet-up, so we can discuss this issue in the blogosphere, which seems to be a consistent problem with the media, you know like everyone is white like all of the time and everyone else is evil based on all kinds of random bs facts.


  2. The point to me was never if the exit poll was true or not, the point was even if it turned out to be true there was no reason at all to demonize a particular race because of that. Unforgivable. Certain people I will always look at in a suspect manner owing to their reaction of that fake CNN poll. People who emailed ME. ME of all people and questioned if I were homophobic even though I’m very liberal and have always talked about the rights of all people on a regular basis not just during the election. Racism is ugly and there is never a good reason to do it. Just like I was able to not make one homophobic comment even though a few isolated gay people said some pretty nasty things about people who looked like me. My point isn’t about if you like me or not. I don’t care if you like me, as a human you still have rights and I will fight for those rights even if you do think I’m genetically inferior or call me the n word when I’m not around.

    People really showed their behinds. It was disgraceful.

    That’s the problem with psuedo liberals, some people are only liberal, because they have to be as soon as they get some power they put on the boots and start stomping.


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