Kids Are So Lazy

Back in my day, we kids had to walk with our own legs to get places. Not anymore! In these times of ultra-convenience some lil’ lazies have figured out a way to mooch a ride from here to there, forcing their so-called friends to do the heavy work of transporting for two. It’s the End Times, I tell you. Click ahead for another one these sinister acts of exploitation!

Yet another case of a lazy kid exploiting friends or family to give him a ride. This is just dreadful, mostly because those carts aren’t big enough for me. Drats.

8 thoughts on “Kids Are So Lazy

  1. There’s a woman up the street who uses one of those electric scooters for old/fat people. She always has 2 kids on it. One standing up and hanging on the back and the other one sitting on the floor.

  2. I think kids should walk. BusTard and I often have this discussion BUT if you are a mom (usually a mom pushing the kid) and you are trying to get somewhere fast and you have more than one little kid and you have a job that is not flexible and you take the bus, you sort of just don’t have time to make your kid walk. I know for those of us who don’t have kids or have kids and lots of resources that seems really crazy, but it takes time to make a kid walk on their own safely and I think that’s why you see alot of these three years olds in strollers.

    Also possibly the kids might be disabled, autism is on the rise and lots of these really big kids I see in strollers I think that they could possibly be autistic or have another mental delay. A long time ago people just kept disabled kids at home or in institutions, but now more people are coming out and things and if you think teaching a typically developing kid to walk safely when you are way over burdened is hard think about having a kid with autism.

    I’m not saying anyone is bad for saying these things, because how are you going to know, but I’m saying when you see a bigger kid in a stroller (not these kids obviously) or a kid acting out in a major way keep in mind that kid might be disabled. I remember a mom with her child who had autism and the kid was getting all crazy and people were like, “she should spank him.” And the mom was so embarrassed. I felt totally bad for her, because autism manifests itself in this “this kid is an asshole” kind of way.

    People don’t take that into account, because kids who have autism look totally like their peers.

    I’m just sort of putting that out into the universe for people who don’t know and would like to know what’s up with why certain people do certain things.

    Of course BusTard says you shouldn’t be having kids anyway so no sympathy for you, but you know if you’re not that hardcore on that subject…


  3. “….because autism manifests itself in this “this kid is an asshole” kind of way.”

    Hey Kevin, maybe your nephew has autism! 😉

  4. What about the little old ladies that push strollers all covered with blankets to keep baby warm, but there is NO baby!! They are selling tamales, clothes, and flowers!! Those really crack me up!!

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