Everyday in LA No.2

Question: What Korean dish is this?

Everyday in LA - January 4

(Answer correctly and your name will be entered into a drawing for a slightly used black, rolling office chair delivered to your home or office. Contest runs January 3 – 9. Winner will be chosen and announced on Sunday, January 10.)

Everyday in LA

Everyday in LA is a daily photography post.  A snapshot of the city with a weekly drawing. Photos will be posted with questions and readers will be asked to leave their answers in the comments sections.

Here’s the first photo:

Everyday in LA 010310

Question: What are the three landmarks pictured here?

(Answer correctly and your name will be entered into a drawing for a slightly used black, rolling office chair delivered to your home or office.  Contest runs January 3 – 9.  Winner will be chosen and announced on Sunday, January 10.)

Bail Me Out

Dear Federal Government,
I would like to join the troubled asset relief program. My trouble is I ain’t got no assets but I do have some debt I would like relief from as would the millions of low income people in this country and all the people who are losing their jobs. My debt is miniscule and won’t even make a dent in the 700 billion you will be splitting up among major corporate institutions. In fact I think to pay off my total debt would only constitute…my calculator won’t even hold that many zeros so I can’t figure out the micro percentage. I can use the money to re-organize, re-tool, or even hold on to it for awhile before dispersing it to friends. Being poor requires resourcefulness and I got plenty of it so even $10,000 would go a long way with me. Just in case you can’t fulfill my request I think I will be heading to my HR Department tomorrow to change my withholding status to exempt.
Broke in Los Angeles

What Will You Do if Obama Loses?

Recently, many people have said to me, “I don’t know what I will do if McCain wins?” Maybe voting Democrats should have a back-up plan just in case.

Since I don’t vote (see the Emma Goldman quote below) my life will in all likelihood stay the same – barely employed, no health insurance, don’t own property, no 401K, etc. So if McCain wins I won’t be doing anything different and if Obama wins my life will be the same. But for those who believe in the U.S.A.’s democratic system what will you do if your candidate doesn’t win?

“If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”

Food Packaging


gave me a headache after i ate

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of the BBQ Sparerib Potato Chip

Purchased: 7-11 (Freedom’s waiting for you)
Design: full color, slick, do enjoy the juxtaposition of slabs of meat and the statue of liberty
Taste: good going down especially in the morning after eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Post-consumption: severe headache



Purchased: next to a gas station late at night while driving up to Kalasin from the woman who made them
Design: simple, right up my alley, pre-printed info tag, rubber bands and staples to keep the contents of the delicious treat inside while cooking
Taste: sweet, smokey, coconut mixture grilled over charcoal, very delicious (did I write delicious enough?), purplish in color
Post-consumption: raring to go and no sugar crash

Gentrification in Pattaya, Thailand

See if you can spot the home owned by an ex-pat

For the last two weeks I have been in Thailand and although this post is not about Los Angeles it still has the west invasion of the east flavor. Yesterday I was taken to Pattaya, a major beach resort and sex holiday destination for many Europeans and Americans but we were there to have tea with a friend. Our Pattaya colleague suggested we take a quick walk down the street to a gallery.

Walked in and was introduced to a retired British ex-patriot watercolor artist who had been in Thailand for six years and opened a gallery. The last two weeks I have been living in Bang Saen in a faculty condominum at Burapha University so i haven’t had much interaction with westerners and certainly not the stereotypical ex-pat. Whizzed through the gallery and headed outside.

After snapping the above photo I thought it might be a good opportunity to ask the British fellow some questions. Continue reading