Everyday in LA

Everyday in LA is a daily photography post.  A snapshot of the city with a weekly drawing. Photos will be posted with questions and readers will be asked to leave their answers in the comments sections.

Here’s the first photo:

Everyday in LA 010310

Question: What are the three landmarks pictured here?

(Answer correctly and your name will be entered into a drawing for a slightly used black, rolling office chair delivered to your home or office.  Contest runs January 3 – 9.  Winner will be chosen and announced on Sunday, January 10.)

9 thoughts on “Everyday in LA

  1. The iconic Hollywood sign in the top left of the picture. The LA Observatory and Planetarium in the top center, and the peak of Mount Hollywood just to the right of the observatory. Did I do it?

    P.S. O loved the anti-spam word. One of my favorites – nosy!

  2. Nice photo Edie, It makes me think of a warm breezy day in LA with those clouds and the clear air.
    Hey let me throw my guess in the hat, 1. The Hollywood Sign, 2. The Griffith Park Observatory (I always think of the movie “Rebel Without A Cause” when I see it),
    3. Frank Llyod Wrights beautiful Mayan temple “The Ennis House”, on the upper right hand corner of this pic.
    I always think of the old movie’s like “House On A Haunted Hill” when I see it.

  3. Edie your hint about science fiction and the landmark, could it be you are referring to Lloyd Wrights Ennis house being used in one of my favorite movies of all time, Blade Runner?

  4. Edie’s not going with the easy “Blade Runner” answer on the Ennis Brown house, it also appears in the awesome “moment of crypto-futuro-LA” on film, Predator 2.

    One of the interesting Blade Runner/Predator 2 parallels is that they’re both set in future Los Angeles, and they both make serious reference to cross-cultural exchange, of the diminishing “anglo” nature of the city in favour of an emerging mixed culture.

    Blade Runner, which was made in the early 80’s, posits this as a sort of American-Latino-Japanese culture, taking notes from both LA’s cultural heritage and emerging themes of “Japanese as alien threat in the 1980’s”. By the time Predator 2 had come out, everyone (in LA) had decided that sushi was pretty cool, and the Japanese were actually human beings, but America was dead scared of drug gangs and brown folks, and so the movie has a whole LA a Mexican/Latino city, and features Spanglish, which we were all supposed to be speaking, or at least rapping, by now.

  5. Left to right: Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House. Bonus (if unseen) landmark: The photo was taken from Barnsdall Park, site of Wright’s Hollyhock House.

  6. Everyone’s a winner this time around. All your names will be added to this week’s drawing. Will’s right it was taken form Barnsdall Park on Sunday which was a beautiful warm breezy winter day. Since I have not seen “Predator 2” I was making the easy “Blade Runner” reference.

  7. Predator 2 doesn’t get the sociological credit it deserves. You’ve gotta check it out sometimes – strip away the cookie cutter action sequences and there’s an interesting picture of LA as it saw itself in the late 90’s.

    In both Bladerunner and Predator the Ennis Brown House is used as the interior of a high rise apartment, which begs the question – why doesn’t LA have an awesome pseudo-Aztec/Mesoamerican residential skyscraper? Why are folks in LA building boring neo-crypto-crapo-Euro places like the “Medici” when they could be referencing Chichen Itza and a whole wealth of classic, local (more local than Venice, anyways) design?

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