3 thoughts on “Election Soundtrack

  1. That’s certainly better (and much more up my alley!) than getting the your-non-vote-cost-Obama-the-election video that’s been going around. Come Wednesday, the newly politicized citizenry will most likely take a 4 year nap, waiting for their next chance at political “participation”. And so it goes…

    Here’s a link to that video I mentioned http://www.cnnbcvideo.com/

  2. Uhh… yeah, but we’re living in America not Olde England. The politicians’ promises are not so generous. They’re more along the lines of “we’ll revitalize this neighborhood by selling off parts of it to a big company that will invest in the community and create $8 an hour jobs.” “For your health care, we’ll give drug companies a foothold in the system, so eventually, they will pay for the so-called doctors.”

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