Everyday in LA No.2

Question: What Korean dish is this?

Everyday in LA - January 4

(Answer correctly and your name will be entered into a drawing for a slightly used black, rolling office chair delivered to your home or office. Contest runs January 3 – 9. Winner will be chosen and announced on Sunday, January 10.)

9 thoughts on “Everyday in LA No.2

  1. Wait a minute !!!!!!!!

    I thought the office chair was being awared to the person who can name three L.A. landmarks from a photograph in a previous post.

    If it’s not Korean Tacos served from the New Korean Catering Truck, I sure as hell don’t know what food it is.

  2. Contest Clarifications: The contest runs one week and everyday there is a different photo with question. Everyone who answers correctly this week will be entered into the drawing for the previously owned office chair (next week there will be another prize). I’ll post the correct answer in the comments section of each entry approximately 24 hours after the initial post.

  3. Pablo’s answer is the most correct: Haemul Pajeon = Haemul (means seafood) Pa (means green onion) Jeon (general term for Korean pancake). The white fleshy spot next to the pancake is shrimp. This particular Haemul Pajeon was enjoyed at Kobawoo House at 698 S. Vermont.

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