Food Packaging


gave me a headache after i ate

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of the BBQ Sparerib Potato Chip

Purchased: 7-11 (Freedom’s waiting for you)
Design: full color, slick, do enjoy the juxtaposition of slabs of meat and the statue of liberty
Taste: good going down especially in the morning after eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Post-consumption: severe headache



Purchased: next to a gas station late at night while driving up to Kalasin from the woman who made them
Design: simple, right up my alley, pre-printed info tag, rubber bands and staples to keep the contents of the delicious treat inside while cooking
Taste: sweet, smokey, coconut mixture grilled over charcoal, very delicious (did I write delicious enough?), purplish in color
Post-consumption: raring to go and no sugar crash

3 thoughts on “Food Packaging

  1. I’d definitely prefer to buy something made by a human being, as opposed to an item spat out by some industrial machine. That’s probably good advice for food anywhere around the world.

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