8 thoughts on “Everyday in LA No. 4

  1. The wonderfully non-native eucalyptus tree. Supposedly all the eucalyptus trees in LA suffer from some kind of disease that is stunting their growth (and possibly affecting other trees in the future) and all the City planted ones are supposed to get removed, but they never seem to get around to it.

    When I was a kid, we used to pile up their seed pods and then throw them at each other as relatively hard and fast traveling, but ultimately harmless, missiles.

  2. Eucalyptus overlooking Santa Monica Cyn, nice tree, very medicinal too, I remember the ones growing up on Thomas St. in LH’s. Huge old stately trees that smelled so good especially in the early AM and on hot summer nights. When they bloomed with those pretty flowers in thier nuts and a 75′ tree would buzz with the bees on those thousands of flowers, wow! Quite a history in Calif too.

    Abbot Kinney of Santa Monica made major contributions to the propagation of the eucalyptus. He served as the chairman of the State Forestry Bureau from 1886 to 1888, and as State Forester, he distributed an untold quantity of free eucalyptus seeds and seedlings throughout the state. His only request was that growers keep records which would serve as information for prospective growers.

    Kinney served as roadmaster in the Santa Monica area where he lined the roads with eucalyptus and planted a multitude of seedlings on his ranches in Santa Monica and San Gabriel Valley. He lectured and published a very important work in 1895 with the simple title of Eucalyptus.85 It was the most comprehensive treatment at the time containing instructions on planting and care of eucalyptus with accounts on experiments and detailed descriptions of species. It was an encyclopedic document.

  3. Those “nuts” DQ speaks of made great ammo for our homemade slingshots (or the Whammo variety if the folks had money)….

  4. What is the difference between manifest destiny and reconquista? Are the hipsters considered reconquistadores?

  5. I heard of grandmas making necklaces of the eucalyptus pods for their sick grandkids to wear and I have also heard them described as the cat urine tree because of their smell.

    Lots more names to add to the drawing You all are just too smart!

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