River Filters

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Some people complain about the shopping carts that get thrown into the LA River, maybe for good reason. But check out this innovative use somebody came up with, using them carts as a sort of filter to help keep the waterway clean.

Ingenious! Now if we can only devise a way to string these along the banks, have some way to easily clean said filters, then the river will be clean in no time! Get on it.

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It wasn’t placed in the river at a very good angle, but I figure with a ruler and some geometry lessons, this random strangers idea could work.

Trash that doesn’t go thru the cart filter ends up on the river palm trees. Yes, they exist.

Bubble wrap ornaments on a tree. Imagine, a 20 ft high wall of shopping carts, filtering out the tree trash. How beautiful!

Artists, submit your designs now. Architects, submit your critiques now.

Environmentalists, head over to the Big Saver to start rounding up some carts!


One thought on “River Filters

  1. Yes, the cart as a filter was an o.g. idea i came up with…thanx for the compliments Chavo!

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