Yo’ mama ….

I grew up on “Yo’ mama …” jokes. In junior high and high school, being able to defend yourself verbally clowning other people on any subject with lighting quick wit meant you escaped some ridicule yourself. Being a little chubby myself, I had a good rapport because I needed to defend myself. I could always hold down my own and there’s only soo many fat jokes someone call tell before they get old.

“Yo’ mama so stupid she got hit by a parked car.”

“Yo’ mama raised you on ugly milk.”

For me, it was never with the intention of making fun of someones mom because we all love our mom’s. It was just the way immature young men communicated with each other in a testosterone driven environment. Anyone else have good “yo’ mama” jokes ? I wanna hear some good ones that I might have not heard before. What were some experiences y’all had growing up with these type of jokes and bagging ?

2 thoughts on “Yo’ mama ….

  1. Yo momma so old she farts dust….Yo Momma so old she has cobwebs between them legs…Hahahahahahaahaa”

  2. man we were cruel at the expense of big cabeza,chorro head, butterball,huevo,pescado kermit the frog and chucky too and there’s martin on a milk carton he went to kackalacki high.

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