Rent Control Hearing

From the website Coaliton for Economic Survival:

LA’s Rent Control law is in danger of being undermined, resulting in tenants receiving major rent increases and potentially losing their homes. Turnout is greatly needed this Wednesday, SEPT 29 at 7:00 am, Room 350, City Hall at the City Council Housing, Community & Economic Development (HCED) Committee. We encourage you to get there at 7:00 am to ensure getting in the hearing room. Landlords will try to pack the room.

The HCED Committee hearing on the new rent control proposals could result in major rent hikes to tenants. Please attend this hearing to help SAVE RENT CONTROL!

For more information regarding this proposal, please follow this link: Coalition for Economic Survival Action Alert

Wednesday, SEPT 29 at 7:00 am
Room 350, City Hall at the City Council Housing, Community & Economic Development (HCED) Committee.

PDF link to proposal here.

17 thoughts on “Rent Control Hearing

  1. I an a landloard, and I think Rent Control is wrong,Big Brother Control, Tenants are Pigs and live like them they break windows ruin carpet always have Plummbing problems , Pay Rent late , or vacate in the middle of the nite without Notice , the Children are NEVER trained to be Civilized, no manners, thats the mother and father fault, and Big Brother still wants Rent Control
    GIVE ME A BREAK !!! 99.9% of tenents are PIGS no matter what they R. any race.

  2. Maybe so but their more pig tenents, or they would not be looking to rent, bevieve me if you were a landloard you would know what I mean, and we can’t raise the rent and get riped off every time we have a vancy, AW give me a break

  3. leonor, you think being a landlord is rough, you should try being an asset recovery specialist for a bank. All of those middle class yuppy morons who fell for the big housing scam of the Bush era, and left their homes in the middle of the night with a ton of needed repairs upon foreclosure? What a mess! You’re pretty harsh on the people who outsmarted the housing scam and decided to rent over the past decade instead.

  4. Pretty Harsh “”” !! R U
    kidding me??? every time , they skip town it costs me over $1,000— My pockets are not as deep as the banks, Is there a place to report to the Credit Bru.!! so they cannot rent again ???? in California ????

  5. Harsh R U kidding me !!!! every time they skip town it costs me $1.000— is their a place where we can report to the Credit Bru, so they cannot rent again in California ?? my pockts are not as deep as the banks.

  6. Anyhow, and of course they scheduled the thing at 7am, Chimatli. I’m to the point where I’d have more respect for the people in charge if they just told us to get fucked. Instead of saying, “Sure, you guys can appeal it. Just be 30 miles across town at 7am!”

  7. i can see both sides

    im a renter and have family members who are landlords but not mine 🙂

    i always advise them:

    first dont ever buy rental property in a rent control city

    second have a written contract and be very detailed

    examples- regarding smoking, overnight guests and fees for paying rent late etc

    The landlord is in 100% control of the situation up to right before you hand over the keys to the tenant.

    and its a business so dont mix friendship with business!

    its not a charity or community service.

    im a renter and will rent til the day i die
    and ive never had the luxury of living in a rent control city 🙁
    i mean i understand having senior housing =limited income
    but an individual thats between 18 to 60 should not be subsidized

    i have no interest in being a homeowner
    in the end when we die we dont take anything with us!

  8. I have been a landlord and a renter over the years, no problems in my experience. But as a contractor the most outrageous behavior has been with landlords, epecially those landlords who are a corporation, a corporation composed usually of a group of Doctors or Lawyers or Accountants who own slummy Apartments, usually in lower income areas.
    It’s almost always the same scene I witness, overfull trash bins because the lanlord doesn’t want to pay for anything except the minimum, trash overflowing into the street or underground parking, the underground parking area half flooded with water due to the plugged drains and leaking plumbing in most of the apartments, exposed electrical wires hanging all over the place, landscaping that is not only almost non existant for lack of a gardner or maintenance crew, but an eyesore.
    And on the way up to check out the roof one usually has to be careful of the rotten walkways and stairs that have long since given up the ghost.
    The roof situation is always the same, patch job on top of patch job, or as we in the roofing trade joke, “patche Mexicano sobre patche MExicano”, rain gutters that are split open, full of gravel and debris, causing the water to run down the sides of the cheap stucco walls which are all stained black with mold from the runoff. The roofs are in total failure and should have been replaced years before because most of the units are leaking and the drywall is falling into the interior rooms.
    After inspection and working up a price I meet the shotcaller for the Limited Liability Partnership Corporation in his office in Palos Verdes or Century City or Newport Beach. “Dr. Green I’m sorry to give you the bad news but the roof and rain gutters of your Cudahy Apts, and inspections on the roofs on the Apts you own in Santa Ana, Van Nuys, and Highland Park, all show they are in total failure mode and are causing all
    kinds of ancillary problems.
    Dr Green, “well we know there are some problems at those apts but we are probably going to turn those APts over in the near future and we want to maximize capital at this point. Can’t you keep the roofs alive for at least another year? Talk to Jose our maintenance man, he’s down at our Anaheim St Apt COmplex in Long Beach and he’ll give you a list of the most urgent leaks in our Apartment portfolio list, help us out if you can, we’ll make it up to in future projects of ours, anyway those tenants won’t complain, hell they’re mostly welfare recipients and illegal immigrants, Excuse me for a moment will you I have to take this call, Hello, yes this is Dr. Green, oh the corporate stock porfolio with Madoff? Hell yes we want to continue that relationship, he’s made us a fortune this year!”

  9. Being a landlord is a business and a profession. With business comes risk, so while I’m sure landlords complain about bad tenants, it is the risk you take in the business you chose to get involved with. It’s also partly your fault for not finding tenants that are the right match. If you have a restaurant, you have to have food that is enticing to the customers and is the right price. It’s the same thing with being a landlord. I have no sympathy for Leonor. Get out of the business if you can’t handle it.
    I’ve been a renter my whole life and more times than not, I’ve left my apartment in a nicer state than when I found it. Many landlords on the Eastside use the cheapest, flimsiest materials in their apartments i.e. carpet, vinyl flooring. I am a meticulously clean person and not even I can keep the cheap stuff looking good.
    Anyways, my point is, landlords are making money off their properties. It’s a business and with business comes risk. It’s up to you to be a professional about it. Afterall, you are the one with the privilege of being a landowner.

  10. I am a landlord and there are many landlords in my extended family. And I agree with Chimatli’s and Don Q’s comments. Many landlords are driven by greed and therefore have contempt for tenants and property issues that cut into their profits. I also don’t deny that some tenants are pigs as well. It’s all part of the territory.

  11. As an american, living in america, we have an economic system called capitalism aka free market. CESI or Mr.Gross has his idea that america should be socialism… And we know socialism has failed in China, Russia, Cuba, and many other countries. If a tenant is not happy with their place of living, they should simply find another home. And if these nasty landlords are overcharging the tenants, wouldn’t the landlord be going out of business, because tenants would obviously be moving out, left and right. Or if these landlords are not doing the repair work, shouldn’t they have a lot of vacancies, that would force the landlord to go out of business? If I am not happy with the service I am getting, I would definitly be moving out.. On May 21, 2010 I attended the Los Angeles City Hall Council meeting for the Rent Stabilization Ordinance. At the end of the meeting, there was 4 arrest of CESI protestors, while there were no arrest of landlords. This too me proves the level of education and civility these people (CESI) have.

  12. Since the name Landlord, Causes comments as above, then let me say this, I owen a small complex, I am not a Doctor, or an Attorney, or in a coperation, I am a widow trying to live on my income, my places are spotless and newly painted clean Carpets, all things repaired because the Pigs that moved out in the nite, left me no choice, So please do not put me in the place of landlord, that rips of Tenents, and are Rich, We are not all the same, I miss judge and try to be nice to the “PIGS” I miss judged, thats all, Not all landlords are A– H—s dont put me in that Bunch.

  13. Joe,

    Russians, Cubans, and the Chinese point to the United States as proof that capitalism doesn’t work.

  14. Leonor, congratulations. Your comment has inspired apartment tenants across the country to piss on their carpet before abandoning the dwelling without notice in the wee hours of the morning.

  15. I beg to differ, Rob , These pigs do NOT need my comment to make them pigs PISS on the floor or make holes on walls having plumming problems, Dirty sinks and broken windows , And U know that, I did not inspire anyone to be a PIG,,, But let me try “TENENTS” Clean the app. that you rend and do not have any plumming problems, and do NOT sneek out in the middle of the Nite, and pay your rent on time !!! hows that ??? lets see if that wooks !!!! PS I do not live in a bad area, my place is always clean with Curb Appeal.

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