Back to the Future: Boyle Heights

1st & Cummings Circa 1958

1st & Cummings Circa March 30, 2010

Paco of Corazon del Pueblo wanted me share these two pictures and write a up a post after he saw the vintage picture on the facebook fan page “Who remembers in East L.A.” In the last 58 years so much has changed in Boyle Heights. I’m 25 and already the barrio is changing once again. In the picture you see all the old businesses and the trolly that ran through 1st. Nowadays we have the goldline running under ground, a few different shops and a bigger police station. I can only imagine what will change and how things will look another 58 years from now.

4 thoughts on “Back to the Future: Boyle Heights

  1. The photos are cool and all but my problem with the Facebook group you mentioned is it doesn’t credit their photo sources. Most of these photos come from the LAPL and Metro archives and should be recognized as such. It’s easy just to save a jpg onto your hard drive and then make a group putting them all out there. It’s sucks and is not fair to the folks who’ve spent years archiving and collecting from original sources.

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